As a blogger, you want to attract traffic and post comments and perhaps sales of product and service offerings. However, without the right audience, none of your plans will work. We have derived lessons from the greatest bloggers of our time, to bring you this list of 11 things you absolutely need to build an audience around your blog.

1. Dare To Be Different

If there are many blogs in your chosen niche, you need to do something to stand out, if you want to attract quality traffic. Why should readers come to your blog, when there are so many like yours out there? Figure out what you can do that’s different, unique and attention-provoking, and you’ve got your audience by their scalps.

2. Don’t Make The Same Mistakes

Know what not to do so that you avoid common pitfalls. Common mistakes new bloggers make are waiting too long to create an email list, sticking with the wrong crowd, not preparing enough and blending in to avoid criticism. Study failed blogs and learn more about other people’s mistakes.

3. Get Your Content Right

Your content should be geared towards the audience, not towards you. Write for your audience – write to make them happy. Keep your readable, audience-relevant, high quality, and targeted. You need to ensure audience response – so be outrageous, a little funny, personal, caring and worth remembering.

4. Get The Basics Right

What kind of audience do you want to build? That depends on whether you want to start a business, build an existing business, or become an online celebrity. The kind of audience you want depends on your idea of blogging success – traffic, comments or sales?

5. Leverage Social Media

Start by posting a simple comment, or sharing a tweet you like. Move on to more insightful, personal and thoughtful comments and establish a relationship. Give and take from people; share links and content freely and connect at a personal level. Promote others while promoting yourself and let people see that you are genuine in your altruism.  Leverage every opportunity you can find to be nice and kind, and you’ll win over social media.

6. Know And Love Your Audience

Know what your audience wants from you, what they need and what are their hopes and fears. Only then you’ll be able to write posts for them, bring up issues dear to them and sell products they want. You need to love your audience if you plan on engaging them with your blog. Building an audience is hard work, and takes loads of commitment – the love you feel for your audience will keep you going at this task.

7. Guest Post

Post regular guest articles on other blogs in your niche; this is a great way to attract loyal readers and traffic volume to your blog. If one blog rejects it, pitch it to another blog. Pitch only to those blogs that are relevant and enjoy good traffic. Strictly follow blogger’s standard blog submission formats and you’re good to go.

8. Be Passionate

While building an audience, you’re essentially connecting with people. This means you need to share at a deeper level, open yourself to being judged by folks, compete and deal with the prospect of failure. If you don’t have the right passion, you may try to place a barrier between yourself and your audience. Take it as it comes but don’t let the fire go out.

9. Post Frequently

When you post frequently, you have a greater chance of engaging with your readers on a regular basis. You can keep reader interest going by responding to comments and pouring yourself into your posts. Satisfy your reads by being dependable, providing regular, great quality content, personal attention and friendship.

10. Get Personal

Blog readers don’t want to connect to some remote robot-like presence, they want to connect to a real person. Great content is fantastic, but you have to write it and present it with personality, with humor, with interesting tidbits. Come across as a likeable, lovable person; make sure readers can read something about you on your blog.

11. Network

Other bloggers in your niche area are out to achieve the same goals as you – a great audience, good traffic. Help them achieve their goals and you will reap rewards in return. Network with them via guest posting, guest comments, discussion forums and social networking sites. Promote content from other blogs and earn their gratitude.

12. Use Existing Relationships

Everyone has friends, relatives, colleagues, co-workers and so on. Leverage these basic relationships to get your audience going. Word of mouth works like magic, especially when your friends can get their soundbytes out through your blog. Get your initial traffic established through your contacts and then put out all efforts to build a more solid audience.


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