Why is it that not everyone wants to be a leader in life but just about everyone on Twitter wants to be followed? Interesting, isn’t it. Well, to be a leader on Twitter, you must know how to get people on your side, wanting to follow what you have to share. To do this, I’ve identified 3 hotshot ways to boost twitter followers. Care to follow what I have to say?

Number 1: Follow You … Follow Me
Okay, so people love you when you follow them. It goes with the whole principal of you scratch my back and I scratch yours. So go ahead and follow as many people as you can…or Twitter will allow you.
If you’ve ever wondered how people have thousands of followers, this is it. They do this over and over again. Now, don’t think that everyone who you follow will follow you in return. Some will kindly send their automated thank you direct messages and continue on their way, while others will follow you in return.
That’s why if you want to get as many followers as possible, you must keep this up regularly. You need to find the ones that follow this principal and let me tell you…there are thousands!

Number 2: It’s Called SOCIAL Media
Yes, it’s not about you all the time. You must get in there and meet people. Don’t be shy because no one really knows you and this is your chance to market yourself. Talk to people you don’t know and talk to them about anything. Really, about anything – the chocolate cake you just stuffed your mouth with is even a good topic.
See, just like the real world, you don’t talk business all the time. What you do is mingle with like-minded people and you find out what makes them tick. Once you do, then you can start to share what you do on the side – your business. Then you can start to discuss how your business’ lap and how you can help each other. How each of your followers may be swapped to help one another. Your clients can be my clients for one reason but still remain my clients for another reason. See, you help me and I help you and we are all happy.

Number 3: Link Up with Other Followers
I mentioned it a bit in the last hotshot way but let’s talk about it more in depth here so you have it down pat. Once you get the social aspect of Twitter down. You can start to work your magic with your followers. You get to know their followers.
To know their followers doesn’t mean that you just go through their list and start following them in hopes that they follow you. No, see they don’t know you and trust you ….yet. However, once you gain the trust of their follower…their follower can help you get in with them. Their follower can start tweeting specials for you.
For example, say you are running a special for your business. You know that this follower of yours has followers on his list that would really benefit from it. However, you don’t really have any of them on your followers’ list. Instead of desperately trying to get them on your list, you can politely ask, “Hey, would you mind tweeting this for me?”
So not only do you get the exposure for your business but you also get it with the added benefit of trust from that follower recommending it.
Now that you have these tricks – go ahead and put them to work!

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