Have you ever tried to find out what people are saying about your brand? As social media optimization (SMO) is enlarging with its presence, most of the businesses are now engaging with their customers on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin etc. More and more people are revealing their likes or dislikes about a brand on those sites, but one finds very tough to keep tracks of those conversations of customers online. Therefore, we need a tool where we can monitor and know what actually people are saying about our brands. There are plenty of paid tools available online but we’d like to address some free tools.

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

1. Social Mention

This is one of the best social media monitoring tool available online where you can find each and every data about your brand. There are so many options available in this site such as:

  • Top Keywords – Where you would find the keywords which speaks about your brand
  • Top Users – Users who are ranting about your brand
  • Top Hashtags – consisting of your keyword or brand name
  • Top Sources – sources where you were getting involved

I think one should use this site to monitor not only theirs but also of their competitors to understand where their competitors are heading in social media.

2. Ice Rocket

It’s also one of the good social monitoring site, it acts more like a search engine but provide results from blogs, Twitter, Myspace, images, Facebook, videos  and more.

3. Backtype

This is a good site where you can see the analytics of your site tweets and comments on weekly basis. You can also compare your social media presence with competitors who are engaging online.

4. Twazzup

Interface is not so overwhelming but overall a good site to know the on which keywords your brands are mentioned in tweets.

5. Addict-O-Matic

Addict-O-Matic is one such tool where he gathers info about your keyword or brand across the web such as Bing, Google blog, Tweetmeme, Youtube, Yahoo, Wikio, Twitter and many more.

Those are the 5 social media monitoring tools which are good enough to know more about your brands. Which other social media do you use to monitor your brand?

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