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2 Oct

What is Exactly WordPress?

Blogging is a incredible tool that offers every person the opportunity to express his thoughts, ideas, and creativity through a publicly published online format. Beyond the use by individuals simply for personal use, blogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to promote themselves and for internet marketers to generate a comfortable income.

If you are considering utilizing a blog, especially one that is related to the promotion of a company or geared toward affiliate marketing, it is essential that you choose the right tools to enable you to produce a product that is effective and useful. One such tool is WordPress.

WordPress is a term that you may have heard applied to blogs and websites, but you may not be sure what it means or if it would be applicable to your goals. By understanding this you will be able to determine the potential role of WordPress in your internet marketing strategy.

17 Feb

10 Free WordPress Themes to Get Your Blog Started

Whether you’ve decided to host your own WordPress blog to let your family and friends know what you’re up to or you’re going to try and take on the Huffington Post, you’ll need an eye-catching and easy-to-use theme. There are a number of web design companies and websites that will try and sell you WordPress themes for as much as $400, but there are a ton of great, free WordPress themes out there. And here are just a few to get you started.

1. Satoshi

This is a great clean, professional-looking blog theme with simple black, white, and red coloring and an open feel. It’s a fantastic theme for a modern and clean look.

2. Reptile

Another great minimalist theme, Reptile has a clean UI and easy-to-use navigation. It’s simple and elegant and doesn’t distract the reader with any flashy imagery.

3. Newspress

This is a blog template for anyone who is going to be posting a lot of content regularly. It has some awesome featured story areas at the top of the page where your best and latest content can be highlighted. If you’re going for a newspaper-style blog, give Newspress a try.

11 Jun

WordPress 2.8 Baker Released Today

We’ve been waiting for WordPress 2.8 since yesterday and finally, the latest and fastest version of WordPress, version 2.8 “Baker” has been released today with a one day delay.

New version has been named in honor of noted trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker. Baker version gives  better user experience with many new features and has fixes over 790 bugs.

I just started using WordPress Baker and will soon let you know about my 2.8 experience. I wonder if it has any new features to make our blogs and websites  more SEO Friendly.

Here is a video to give you some insights of what 2.8 is all about:

5 Jun

WordPress 2.8 is coming

According to WordPress Codex, WordPress is going to release WordPress Version 2.8 next week, on June 10 2009. 2.8 will bring many enhancements and new features and hopefuly less bugs than version 2.7.

Check out  Codex if you want to see how new version will improve user’s experience and what new features it will bring.

I hope image upload problem that is so common with 2.5 and above versions will no longer be around with WordPress 2.8 as I am so tired of looking for solutions and still haven’t found a long-term fix yet.  It can be very frustrating to see HTTP Error or just a blank white page especially when I am working on my client’s websites. Keep fingers crossed for next week and please let me know if you have a fix for image upload issue.

26 May

More Traffic, Revenue and Value by SEO

Anyone who has a website or a blog can make money from these assets by letting ad spaces to advertisers online or joining to affiliate partner networks. But owning a website is not enough by it’s own, there should be a good traffic coming to your website and you should prove your statistics to your advertisers in order to request an advertising fee unless you own a very well-known website with a high page rank etc. If you join to an affiliated network then you should have a good traffic to see leads and convertions.

I’ve just found out that there is a WordPress plugin which shows your Google statictics as unique number of visitors called Google Analyticator. I guess there are several other tools free to use but what if you are not happy with your number of visitors?

Improve your website traffic with SEO

The best thing to do is increasing your natural traffic by Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a great way to drive visitors from search engines, increase the value of your website in figures and to generate sales and income through your website. Stick on on-page SEO practices for the beginning and once you are happy with it, go for off-page SEO tactics like link building and spend at least an hour everyday by visiting forums, micro-blogging sites and relevant websites to improve your visibility. It is not the most joyful thing to do but it is fruitful at the end.

23 Apr

On-Page SEO Tips to Optimize WordPress

WordPress is a wonderful platform for blogging and it can even be used as a CMS solution for a professional company website by just some clever adjustments. ( See one of my clients website in real estate market ) Optimizing WordPress for better search engine rankings is easy and there are several plugins ready to use on your optimization process. Here are a list of useful WordPress Search Engine Optimization tips to help you build a SEO Friendly structure in your blog.

Optimization of Internal and External Links

SEO Smart Links is a great plugin for internal link building. It can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog, allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs. It also adds “nofollow” attribute to external links and opens links in a new window.

Optimize your meta tags and dublicate content 

All in One SEO Pack  is a must- have plugin. It addresses many important on-page factors like titles, descriptions, keywords, dublicate content and saves time.

Optimize your permalinks

Use either /%postname% or /%category%/%postname%/ permalinks URL structure while optimizing your URL’s. You can do it from your dashboard by going to Settings>Permalink Settings and custom your structure in common settings area.

10 Apr

My top rated wordpress plugins


I love wordpress. It is easy to set up a blog and enhance it by plugins day by day. Thanks to all those WordPress community for their efforts.

Now, let me tell what my favourite plugins are and please send me your opinions and your favourites as well.

Google XML sitemap generator
All in one SEO pack
WP super cache
Contact form 7
Flexible upload
Twitter tools

Twitter for WordPress
Date exclusion SEO
Advanced category excluder
SI Captcha

Do you have any other suggestions?

18 Mar

Solution for WordPress 2.7 Image Upload Problem

When we want to upload images in a post using WordPress 2.7, it sometimes comes with a blank white screen and upload doesn’t accomplish successfully.

I tried different plugins and spend sometime with heart attacks and finally found the solution. Happy days.

My recommendation is Flexible Upload plugin to over come that drawback of 2.7 version. It works quite good however rarely gives the previous white page error and all you need to do is deactivating the plugin and activating it again. Hope it helps.


The problem appeared again and flexible upload couldn’t fix it this time. So, I guess it can be helpful to a degree but don’t stick to it for long-term. Please let me know if you have other suggestions for WordPress image upload problems.