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9 Apr

Place Where The Search Lives

There is no scope for questioning the dominant position that Google enjoys in the online space. Such has been its popularity that, people have increasingly started to use the term ‘Google’ as a verb (haven’t you heard people saying that they will ‘google’ up some information?). In this article we […]

1 Apr

Google SEO – 5 Must-Haves You Should Know

Google is known for revising its search engine algorithm on a frequent basis. It carries out all these efforts simply to weed out the spam along with giving top priority to quality content based sites and blogs. Creating a site could be an easy thing, however, to keep the search […]

5 Jun

The Long and Tedious Process of Removing Bad Backlinks Now Begins

The Google Panda got website owners scrambling to produce high-quality content for their websites and purge their pages of badly-written, spam-infested and practically useless articles. Companies providing expert SEO services immediately adjusted their strategies to accommodate this change. Now that the Penguin update has been released, everyone is getting busy […]

4 Apr

How To Avoid Google’s ‘Over Optimisation’ Penalty

The world of SEO has been up in arms since the announcement from Google that they are working on a penalty for over-optimization. Apparently there is such thing as too much SEO. Google’s Matt Cutts has indicated that the changes will take place in the next few weeks. The changes […]

20 Dec

A Round up of On-page SEO Factors in 2012

2011 has been an eventful year for all online marketers. We have the Panda, freshness update and some fleeting reference of the Vincent update. And if this is not enough and if I am not wholly wrong, we have some strong signals that 2012 will see the death of links […]

27 Aug

What is Google Plus?

Digital PR is constantly searching for new and innovative platforms to communicate through. It has been two weeks since Google introduced it’s own social network – a move that has been long anticipated in the media world. Questions about it’s future are rarely asked without comparison to its rival, Facebook. […]

30 May

Google’s Panda Update: Is this going to affect the SEO firms?

Search engine giant Google had launched its new Panda update in February, 2011, and this has stirred a great deal of debate within the search community. A large number of high profile websites across the internet are starting to feel the impact of this change. This particular Panda update is […]

5 Apr

What Will Google +1 Mean To Your Search Marketing?

Finding new, innovative ways to pass marketing messages seems to be getting harder to do every day. Even as technology develops, matures and gets fine tuned, one overriding objective remains clear: how can a company get knowledge of its products and services to its most desirable potential customers? Social ranking […]

25 Jan

Yahoo’s Job Cuts, Google’s New Hires

Yahoo Inc said Tuesday it is laying off one percent of its workforce, or some 130 employees, in the latest job cuts. News of Yahoo’s latest layoffs come hours before the Web media company is due to report fourth-quarter financial results after Tuesday’s market close. “The latest cuts are part […]

11 Jan

Google’s Market Share Has Dropped by 2% in China

Alibaba has leapt ahead of Google in terms of the share of online advertising revenue it earns in China.  According to Analysys International, Alibaba’s Taoboa keyword advertising and development of interactive marketing ad business allows its ad revenue to grow substantially and therefore Alibaba has jumped to No.2 in China […]

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