The Long and Tedious Process of Removing Bad Backlinks Now Begins

The Google Panda got website owners scrambling to produce high-quality content for their websites and purge their pages of badly-written, spam-infested and practically useless articles. Companies providing expert SEO services immediately adjusted their strategies to accommodate this change. Now that the Penguin update has been released, everyone is getting busy screening their backlinks and removing

What is Google Plus?

Digital PR is constantly searching for new and innovative platforms to communicate through. It has been two weeks since Google introduced it’s own social network – a move that has been long anticipated in the media world. Questions about it’s future are rarely asked without comparison to its rival, Facebook. It has now been trialed

What Will Google +1 Mean To Your Search Marketing?

Finding new, innovative ways to pass marketing messages seems to be getting harder to do every day. Even as technology develops, matures and gets fine tuned, one overriding objective remains clear: how can a company get knowledge of its products and services to its most desirable potential customers? Social ranking schemes have been around for

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