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23 Oct

Is Wikipedia Helpful in Making Business?

How many times did we hear that Wikipedia is not worth trusting source of information? Many university professors forbid their students to use Wikipedia for writing essays and search papers and we can’t blame them for that. But talk to any student and he will name Wikipedia among the most […]

12 Jun

How To Sustain Subscriber Base – 7 Tips To Decrease Opt-Outs

Subscribers are the life of your e-mail marketing. When you want to send out e-mails and reach out to people, you need your subscribers. The bigger the number, the better it is for your business. However, while you might do all the promotions right, place the subscription tab right where […]

8 Feb

Print Classifieds versus PPC

Winston Churchill once said, “short words are best, and old words are the best of all.” This quote holds a wisdom that has stood the test of time. The great leader that he was, Churchill must have envisaged the hype that internet would generate! The net has completely changed people’s […]

22 Dec

Skills to Learn as a Web Entrepreneur

To be a successful web entrepreneur takes a range of skills and abilities. You drive and determination, you need skills and you need a great business acumen. But at the same time it also takes more than that, and if you want to be a true success then you also […]

27 Sep

Four Things You Can Do Offline to Improve Your Online Business

Contrary to popular belief, online empires aren’t built on the internet alone. There are real world steps that need taken to ensure success. This brief guide will share four steps that any web entrepreneur can take to step their game up to the next level. Naturally, most of the tips […]

23 Feb

Quora – What Makes it Different?

I’ve always been quite a fan of the “question and answer,” platform online. It interests me both in a general internet marketing context and also from a user perspective. The ability to share knowledge online and actually communicate directly with experts from various fields from all over the world is […]

11 Jan

Google’s Market Share Has Dropped by 2% in China

Alibaba has leapt ahead of Google in terms of the share of online advertising revenue it earns in China.  According to Analysys International, Alibaba’s Taoboa keyword advertising and development of interactive marketing ad business allows its ad revenue to grow substantially and therefore Alibaba has jumped to No.2 in China […]

21 Mar

Online Purchase Behaviours and Brand Reputation

I was googling to find resources to analyse “internet purchase behaviours” and came across to a survey examining pre-purchase search activities across different sectors like apparel, sports, travel, computer hardware…

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