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13 Sep

Attribution in Online Marketing – Know How Your Budget is Spent Wisely

I don’t use infographics often at my site but this was a nice one from dpfoc. Any comments?

20 Dec

A Round up of On-page SEO Factors in 2012

2011 has been an eventful year for all online marketers. We have the Panda, freshness update and some fleeting reference of the Vincent update. And if this is not enough and if I am not wholly wrong, we have some strong signals that 2012 will see the death of links […]

14 Oct

Optimizing For Trending Topics

What are Trending Topics?  A key aspect of marketing is taking ‘the next big thing’ and harnessing its appeal. Trending Topics are the popular subjects, recent news stories and current events that everybody is talking and writing about. Finding and harnessing these topics is an excellent search engine optimization tactic. […]

24 May

The Future of Search – SEO or Social?

The web is currently alive with talk of the evolution of social marketing. With new social plugins expected in the form of the “Send” button from Facebook and the “+1” button from Google, it feels like there is a change in the air regarding the way that people find the […]

30 Oct

Use Social Media to appear in Real-Time Search

Google and Bing revealed their integration to real-time search and social media by announcing their agreements with Twitter during the Web 2.0 Summit on October 21.

7 Sep

What Would You Ask to Google CEO Eric Schmidt?

Last week, I read Michael Arrington’s interesting interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt on TechCrunch regarding the future of search. The questions were simple and cool.

4 Sep

Global Search Market is Growing

Google sites had 58 percent increase compared to last year and ranked as the leaders within search engines in global search market with 76.7 billion searches conducted and 67.5 percent market share.

29 Jun

Rank # 1 for Rising Search Terms

Last week, on 25th of June I went to Facebook and saw one of my friends flash post about Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest. What a shock! As a fan of M.J. since I was a teenager, I felt so sad and hoped he was happy in his last minutes.

27 May

What Twitter Trends Are All About

Twitter Trends ExplanationsIf you use Twitter as a tool in catching up with what’s going on in the world, probably you all experienced “have no clue” moments and it becomes a pain if you are planning to create content related with trending topics to drive high traffic to your website, you need to spend some time on finding out what they are all about.

1 May

Twitter Search and Trending Topics

I love Tweeter and tweeting in Tweeter. Some good things about Twitter are: you don’t need to be a celebrity or anything special to contact with people that you always wanted to, you just say your words to everyone all over the world and people pick you up if they think that you are like-minded or they have an interest in your topics, products etc.

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