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5 Jun

The Long and Tedious Process of Removing Bad Backlinks Now Begins

The Google Panda got website owners scrambling to produce high-quality content for their websites and purge their pages of badly-written, spam-infested and practically useless articles. Companies providing expert SEO services immediately adjusted their strategies to accommodate this change. Now that the Penguin update has been released, everyone is getting busy […]

4 Apr

How To Avoid Google’s ‘Over Optimisation’ Penalty

The world of SEO has been up in arms since the announcement from Google that they are working on a penalty for over-optimization. Apparently there is such thing as too much SEO. Google’s Matt Cutts has indicated that the changes will take place in the next few weeks. The changes […]

16 Nov

Why and How to Improve Search Engine Rankings with Offsite Optimization

So, you call yourself an SEO expert, thinking you know everything it takes to improve your website’s ranking? What about what’s not on your website? While onsite optimization is a valuable tool to have at your disposal, even more important is what’s not on your website. Offsite optimization plays just […]

12 Jul

The Compounding Effect of Content and Inbound Links

Legendary physicist Albert Einstein is attributed to saying that compounding interest is both “the greatest invention in human history” and “the most powerful force in the universe.” While Einstein’s sentiments may have been intended as financial advice, I believe these famous remarks can provide important insights for today’s internet marketers, […]

5 Jan

Different Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Site

As you already know that the higher the backlinks your site generates from quality & relevant sites, the higher your position will increase in the SERPs. But getting backlinks is not an easy task wherein after the incorporation of “no follow” attributes, people are fuming over to get backlinks from […]

25 Jun

Make Your Own Social Bookmarking Website: Pligg

I don’t know if you already know this or not but you can set up your own social bookmarking website for free by using Pligg CMS Solutions!

17 Jun

No More Page Rank Sculpting with “nofollow” Attribute

Since Matt Cutts from Google throw a bombshell in SMX advanced meeting in 3th of June about Page Rank Sculpting, every search marketing blog is discussing the same issue.

13 Apr

How to get listed in Google local results and Google maps

Future searches seo warrington local listingIf you are involved in internet marketing business, you should make sure that you use all juicy features of Search Engines to drive traffic to your websites.

Google local and Google maps is a great way of driving free traffic to your website, especially your local customers.

9 Apr

Importance of blogging in your internet marketing mix

It was not long ago when blogging started becoming popular amongs internet addicts. I remember creating my first blog, writing things popped in to my mind those days, I felt like i was naked. Today, everyone has a blog!

Below is a list of why blogs are useful for internet marketing:

6 Apr

Importance of press releases in online marketing

In today’s competitive economy, companies should be proactive and interacting with their customers from different platforms in order to improve their publicity. Press releases is a great way to draw attention to your website and improve your search engine optimization.

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