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30 Oct

Use Social Media to appear in Real-Time Search

Twitter Google Partnership
Google and Bing revealed their integration to real-time search and social media by announcing their agreements with Twitter during the Web 2.0 Summit on October 21. Google is aiming to give a better real-time search experience by including real-time Twitter updates in their search results hence users will be able to learn what others are saying about what they’ve been searching for under the same roof. Consider you perform a search about “x brand of freezer”. You will not only see relevant search results but also public opinion about your topic that will give you quick and better understanding about your query.

On the other side, Bing didn’t go far beyond than developing a Bing Twitter search facility similar to the other Twitter search engines in the market. Bing’s new Twitter search feature is currently available in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Arabia, South Africa, and the United States. Those guys are aware of the power of real-time web and took their step in to the social media not later that Google.
Bing Twitter Feature

1 Jun

Google Wave: How It Can Help Online Marketing and Communication

Google unveiled Google Wave, a communication and collaboration tool in Google I/O conference last week. Since I was not there :) I searched on the internet and found out what Google Wave is all about. First of all, it is something we all need to wait and experience to understand how much difference it can make in our business and daily communication needs. It seems to be a combination of email, instant messaging and micro-blogging all under the same interface. There are some terminologies which we all will become familiar with as we use Google Wave. Ok, lets have a look at it.

Above is a screenshot of how Google Wave looks like. On the left, there is your Google Wave folders and your Google contact list with images of your contacts. There is Google wave inbox in the middle of screen where you can click on any wave to open a pane for that wave on the right side of the screen. There users can see everything about that wave, respond to waves, add more people just by simply dragging pictures of people in their contact list in to the wave,  rewind back and see how that wave evolved over time, change the contents in a wave or see the changes made by other users in a wave.

28 May

Yahoo Image Search Filter

Yahoo Image Search Filter

This week, Yahoo has announced a very helpful image search filter called Creative Commons license filter.
Users are able to filter their image search results from Flickr according to availability for reuse commercially or that can be modified (remixed, tweaked, or built upon) with restrictions set by the image’s creator.
Yahoo is the first image search engine to offer this capability. Let’s wait and see what Google will do about it :)

27 May

What Twitter Trends Are All About

Twitter Trends Explanations

If you use Twitter as a tool in catching up with what’s going on in the world, probably you all experienced “have no clue” moments and it becomes a pain if you are planning to create content related with trending topics to drive high traffic to your website, you need to spend some time on finding out what they are all about.

I came accross to a website today which I found so useful for understanding why trend topics in Twitter are trendy. What the trend is giving user edited short blurbs of each trend topic in top 10 explaining why they are popular. It gives you a list of latest tweets about each popular topic plus related Google news and Flickr photos as well. Check it out and let me know what you you think.

12 May

Tweet via SMS


Twitter made a deal with major mobile operators Telus, Virgin Mobile, and Koodo Mobile in Canada that enable two-way SMS support for mobile phone users in Canada to send and receive Twitter updates without any additional fees from their mobiles via SMS.

Mobile tweets are treated as standard messages and are charged with standart rates. Twitter says they want to extend real-time networking experience to mobile devices everywhere through the simple technology of SMS and are working on this service on the rest of the world right now.

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4 May

Effects of Economy Breakdown in Search Engines

Google and Yahoo Recession in Figures

Recession showed impacts on search engine companies as well. Here is how Google and Yahoo performed in this tough times.

Google revenue declined from one quarter to the next

Internet giant Google reported a 9.2 percent rise in quarterly net profit of 1.42 billion dollars. The figure is up six percent from the same quarter a year ago which was 1.31 billion dollars in the same quarter but down three percent compared with the fourth quarter of last year. Google said the revenue declined for the first time ever in consecutive quarters.

“Google had a good quarter given the depth of the recession — while revenues were down quarter over quarter, they grew six percent year over year thanks to continued strong query growth,” chief executive Eric Schmidt said.
According to new chief financial officer Patrick Pichette, Google was laying off 200 sales and marketing employees.

Yahoo has dramatical net income plunge

At the same time, Yahoo reported a 78% decline in net income for the first quarter 2009 and plans to cut its workforce by 5%.

1 May

Twitter Search and Trending Topics

I love Twitter and tweeting in Twitter. Some good things about Twitter are: you don’t need to be a celebrity or anything special to contact with people that you always wanted to, you just say your words to everyone all over the world and people pick you up if they think that you are like-minded or they have an interest in your topics, products etc. It keeps you up-to-date with any topic you choose, helps you extending your network .

Twitter recently added 2 new features to it’s structure. Twitter search and trending topics. Both are in my opinion a must-to-have and will keep more users online.

Twitter search is enabling users to search across global tweets from all around the world, build a fresh timeline of updates based on a keyword or phrase.

Users have the functionality to save their favourite search terms by pressing “save this search” button. Those search terms will be displayed as a link under their search box so they only need to click on the link to execute results.

1 May

Drive Traffic to Websites by Current Search Trends

If you have a website or blog, I know that you want to drive big traffic and bring leads, generate some ad revenue or just increase your Page Rank and websites’ value.

One way to drive traffic to your website is following trends and generating posts related with search phrases. There are several ways you can monitor real-time (delays are always possible) search trends such as Google Trends, Twitter and Yahoo Buzz.

Google Trends

Google trends
give you approximate popular search patterns. You can see a list of most searched 100 queries. It gives search volume index for each pattern, news articles, blog posts, related searches, peak times and locations. I believe it gives great insight for popular search trends as majority of people use Google for search.

Trend topics by Twitter

Twitter is a “a real-time short messaging service” and has recently added search and trend topics features to users homepages. It gives top-ten popular tweet topics and a great global insight as they say:

“As public tweets fly in from around the globe, we analyze them to detect when certain words or phrases occur with higher frequency. These trending phrases are surfaced in the Twitter home page just under the new search box and they’re updated throughout the day.”

28 Apr

More User Engagement with Google Get Answers Gadget

Last week Google launced a new gadget for Google Friend Connect called “Get Answers”. The gadget provides community interaction and engagement to websites such as users can ask questions to website’s community, answer questions asked by other community members and vote answers. Also they can see automatic answers by Google for their questions. The good thing is as long as you become a member to any website which is very easy, other community members can see your profile and visit your website so the gadget is helpful in terms of driving traffic to community members websites as well. I have just added Get Answers Gadget on this site and can’t wait for your participation :)

Furthermore, as a siteowner, you can get feedback about your content, revise your website depending on the expectations of your community by enhancing user engagement with Get Answers. Don’t worry, you have control over the content such as deleting the questions or answers if you don’t find them appropriate.

16 Apr

Google’s Twitter Acqusition v.s. Independant Twitter

Twitter’s speculations spread for it’s partnership possibilities with internet companies like Google, Microsoft, the News Corporation and NBC Universal as TechCrunch claimed Google is looking forward to acquire Twitter in the beginning of April. Since then Twitter, the most popular social microblogging site gained more attention.

According to the Newyork Times, Fred Wilson ( the Union Square Ventures partner who was an early investor in Twitter, the microblogging start-up, and is on its board ) says:

“There are lots of conversations going on and Twitter is struggling to figure out what to do with whom, when and how,” 

There are currently only 30 people on board in Twitter and Twitter is currently recruiting for the director of strategic partnerships position that is advertised as “the first business development role in our mostly product- and engineering-oriented company.”  Twitter’s database and search capabilities of real-time updates would make this an attractive offer for Google.

Twitter turned down an acquisition deal from Facebook last fall for $500 million of its stock and hopefully Twitter is not going to sell it’s soul this time too. I love Google but I believe there should be competition instead of monopolism. Twitter want to be independant and continue their story with their own initiative.