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28 Jun

Social networking, challenges and conceivable outcomes intended for the travel and relaxation segment

At the present, technological advancements and inventions being made have really seen an increase in the use of the internet. Previously, the internet was widely used for research purposes but at the moment, it has turned out to be a platform for socialization through the massive social media platforms that […]

18 Feb

Strategies To Promoting Businesses Through Social Media

The online channel offers the social media platform, which makes it easier for the business to understand fully the correct ways of making money. This is through advertising, interacting and identifying the needs of your clients. Know the Competition With the social media tools, you will find other competitors using […]

5 Jan

Harnessing Social Media to Build a Personal Brand

The days of customers dealing with faceless big businesses are coming to an end. People like to deal with other people, and even corporations understand that now. Just think about some of the most well-known companies and the names associated with them. The late Steve Jobs was the face of […]

25 Dec

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Twitter

Twitter has exploded over the past few years as celebrities and authority figures have made accounts to discuss anything from politics to games. With more than 200 million active users, Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. This is especially effective if you establish yourself […]

15 Dec

3 Hotshot Ways to Boost Twitter Followers

Why is it that not everyone wants to be a leader in life but just about everyone on Twitter wants to be followed? Interesting, isn’t it. Well, to be a leader on Twitter, you must know how to get people on your side, wanting to follow what you have to […]

12 Dec

The Best Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Your Blog

Want to get your blog in front of an audience? It isn’t easy. If you want to succeed as a professional blogger you have to realize that most people who try to break into this field fail at it. This means you need to set yourself apart from the rest […]

24 Jan

Social Media Past Twitter & Facebook

There can be little doubt that social media is one of the most important recent innovations for both the business world and its’ customers. The speed at which it has been adopted means that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore social media platforms. That being said, there is a problem […]

7 Nov

Twitter’s New “Retweet” Feature for More Social Users

Twitter is testing a new feature called “retweets” on a small percentage of accounts currently. I felt lucky to see my account has been included in to this Beta Retweets testing so I can write about it promptly.

30 Oct

Use Social Media to appear in Real-Time Search

Google and Bing revealed their integration to real-time search and social media by announcing their agreements with Twitter during the Web 2.0 Summit on October 21.

27 May

What Twitter Trends Are All About

Twitter Trends ExplanationsIf you use Twitter as a tool in catching up with what’s going on in the world, probably you all experienced “have no clue” moments and it becomes a pain if you are planning to create content related with trending topics to drive high traffic to your website, you need to spend some time on finding out what they are all about.

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