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17 Jul

Future Searches: Your Contact of SEO and Search Marketing for Turkey

As a result of a sudden opportunity, I am moving to Turkey soon. By the end of July, Future Searches will be operating from Ankara, Turkey. I will be exploring Turkey search market closely and helping companies to show off in the first pages of search engines result pages.

29 Jun

Rank # 1 for Rising Search Terms

Last week, on 25th of June I went to Facebook and saw one of my friends flash post about Michael Jackson’s cardiac arrest. What a shock! As a fan of M.J. since I was a teenager, I felt so sad and hoped he was happy in his last minutes.

25 Jun

Make Your Own Social Bookmarking Website: Pligg

I don’t know if you already know this or not but you can set up your own social bookmarking website for free by using Pligg CMS Solutions!

25 Mar

Internet Marketing in Turkey: SEO and PPC

Today, I will give you a brief summary of my presentation about search marketing in Turkey. Hopefully it will give you some insights and projections for the coming years. Internet is evolving and marketing on the internet is growing rapidly day by day. In a developing country like Turkey, the […]

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