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28 Jun

Social networking, challenges and conceivable outcomes intended for the travel and relaxation segment

At the present, technological advancements and inventions being made have really seen an increase in the use of the internet. Previously, the internet was widely used for research purposes but at the moment, it has turned out to be a platform for socialization through the massive social media platforms that are available. As a matter of fact, the social media was a platform that was initially used for the purposes of socializing and friendship making. In the recent past, it has gradually turned out into an avenue for just much more than socializing. This is because most of the individuals and companies have realized the immense potential behind the social media and seeking to make maximum utilization of it.
Among the sectors that have taken advantage of the situation include the marketing sector, advertising sector among many others. The transport and leisure sectors have not also been left behind and are quickly trying to keep up with the pace of their counterparts. This has seen the social media turn into a platform where individuals can get to know loads of information about these sectors that are growing at an alarming rate.
The social media has in a way relayed some light and has signaled some possibilities that the leisure and travel sector could easily become one of the major target groups of the social media. One possibility that has been signaled is the incorporation of travel and leisure booking services into the social media. With the millions of people using the different social media platforms such as Face book, twitter and Google plus, the travel and leisure sector has seen a possibility of incorporating booking services into these social media platforms. This is in a move to make the booking and reservation process quite easy for the millions of people who seek it daily in addition to easing congestion that is witnessed on most of the booking offices and centers. This could see a possible revolution in the services which have been very sluggish due to the high level of congestion.
The social media platform also relays a possibility that all travel and leisure companies will offer most of their services through the social media. Some of these services include advertising. The travel and leisure sector has sought to make full utilization of the immense traffic witnessed in most social media platform and there is a possibility that they will turn it into an avenue for relaying their advertisements to the public. This is because an advertisement can easily be viewed by a large group of people if placed on the social media. In addition, the sector will also be making all their updates known to the public through the social media. This could include the trending and most attractive tourist destinations, the various prices for the different travel destinations and even a hint of the services to expect.
However, in spite of all these possibilities, there are some difficulties that are expected to arise. This is due to the fact that not all systems are known to be one hundred percent effective and efficient. One of the difficulties that is set to occur is the inability to reach a specific target group. It is well known that most of the social media platforms have become very common to people of all age brackets and gender. With respect to this, it might be quite difficult for the travel and leisure sector to reach a specific target group due to the great diversity. This might be very difficult especially if the target group is mainly individuals who are not teenagers since old people are known for their less frequent visits to the social media unlike teenagers some of whom spend a whole day on social media. This might see advertisements and messages meant for the old not being effective and hence its desired goal may not be realized.
Another difficulty is the increasing rate of scams and spam messages on the social media. Many people are using the social media for their own self gains so as to trick and even extort them money. This has seen a gradual increase in the level of trust on most of the social media platforms. Through this, the travel and leisure sector might experience much difficulty and may encounter a very hard time trying to convince people about their credibility and legitimacy. This could see a possible downfall and under-achievement of the sector’s goals. If the travel and leisure sector is able to curb and find a way of dealing with these difficulties, then we should soon expect great merry making by this sector.

18 Feb

Strategies To Promoting Businesses Through Social Media

The online channel offers the social media platform, which makes it easier for the business to understand fully the correct ways of making money. This is through advertising, interacting and identifying the needs of your clients.

Know the Competition

With the social media tools, you will find other competitors using this channel with the aim of expanding their market. This enables you to know the marketing methods, offers they have, and judge their interaction methods with the clients. It is not easy to work alone in the industry hence the need to keep your competitors close when you want to expand your market. Some of the details you need to keep in check when analyzing your competition include

  • Finding out about their site, the different social media pages they have and adapt them.
  • Judge on their presentation and interaction skills by going through following their posts and know their trends.
  • Take time to understand how they use the social media to advertise, interact, and meet the requests of their clients.
5 Jan

Harnessing Social Media to Build a Personal Brand

The days of customers dealing with faceless big businesses are coming to an end. People like to deal with other people, and even corporations understand that now. Just think about some of the most well-known companies and the names associated with them. The late Steve Jobs was the face of Apple. Bill Gates, to many people, is Microsoft.

Sometimes, the person that represents the brand isn’t a CEO or a manager. Many game developers rely heavily on their community managers. Ask a gamer about Pitch Black Games, and most of them will mention Sanya Weathers, a community manager that has served several companies, and is highly regarded.

Socialising as a Brand

When you’re in the public eye, representing a company, you need to be careful. Social media marketing is not the same as social networking on a personal level. This is something that is easy to forget. You might post about “Lolcats” and your favourite, perhaps slightly tasteless YouTube videos on your personal account, but do you really want your customers to see those posts? Just imagine if you went to Elle Macpherson’s brand page on your favourite social network and saw links to online petitions, games, and funny Occupy Wall Street memes. If your political leanings weren’t the same as Macphersons, there’d be a good chance she’d lose a customer.

25 Dec

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Twitter

Twitter has exploded over the past few years as celebrities and authority figures have made accounts to discuss anything from politics to games. With more than 200 million active users, Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. This is especially effective if you establish yourself on the social network as an informative source for your particular niche. Check out these top four ways to drive traffic to your website by using Twitter.

1. Hold conversations with like-minded people

Most people who use Twitter with the purpose of expanding their website often use it as a way to serial post links to content in the hopes that someone will click on them. This method is generally not very effective because there is no context for the links. If you establish yourself on the social network as an authority on your subject, you can quickly gain a following of people who are more likely to click links to your website when you mention them.

15 Dec

3 Hotshot Ways to Boost Twitter Followers

Why is it that not everyone wants to be a leader in life but just about everyone on Twitter wants to be followed? Interesting, isn’t it. Well, to be a leader on Twitter, you must know how to get people on your side, wanting to follow what you have to share. To do this, I’ve identified 3 hotshot ways to boost twitter followers. Care to follow what I have to say?

Number 1: Follow You … Follow Me
Okay, so people love you when you follow them. It goes with the whole principal of you scratch my back and I scratch yours. So go ahead and follow as many people as you can…or Twitter will allow you.
If you’ve ever wondered how people have thousands of followers, this is it. They do this over and over again. Now, don’t think that everyone who you follow will follow you in return. Some will kindly send their automated thank you direct messages and continue on their way, while others will follow you in return.
That’s why if you want to get as many followers as possible, you must keep this up regularly. You need to find the ones that follow this principal and let me tell you…there are thousands!

12 Dec

The Best Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool for Your Blog

Want to get your blog in front of an audience? It isn’t easy. If you want to succeed as a professional blogger you have to realize that most people who try to break into this field fail at it. This means you need to set yourself apart from the rest and realize what the most successful bloggers are doing.

The good news is that once you realize what they are doing right, success isn’t all that hard. It just takes time, dedication, and tools. One of the most helpful tools you should have in your arsenal is Twitter.

But Nobody’s On Twitter

Many bloggers are hesitant to get on Twitter because they don’t believe it’s where their customers are. In reality, there are 100 million people who use the site at least once a month . While this may seem paltry in comparison to Facebook’s claimed 800 million users, half of which sign on every day, it’s a mistake to directly compare the two networks in this way.

24 Jan

Social Media Past Twitter & Facebook

There can be little doubt that social media is one of the most important recent innovations for both the business world and its’ customers. The speed at which it has been adopted means that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore social media platforms.

That being said, there is a problem that threatens to damage all the good work businesses have put into becoming active members in the social media community. While there is no doubt that Twitter and Facebook are the major players, their very dominance can lead to a false sense of security as well as a business’s social media strategy becoming stale and static.

The truth of the matter is that there are a number of other key players that most businesses need to be aware of so that they can ensure they are covering all the bases and not getting a nasty surprise that can have a negative effect on their brand’s reputation.


Probably the other major player after Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin is arguably the most “professional” of social media platforms and is a superb resource for networking. However, even if a business feels that their core audience lies beyond its typical user, it should still maintain a presence, especially if the business provides B2B services.

7 Nov

Twitter’s New “Retweet” Feature for More Social Users

Retweet feature introduction

Twitter is testing a new feature called “retweets” on a small percentage of accounts currently. I felt lucky to see my account has been included in to this Beta Retweets testing so I can write about it promptly.

New “retweet” button is displayed at the end of each tweet. We only see retweets of the people we follow. Retweet button enables people to forward interesting tweets to their followers. You can undo your retweets from the retweets page and get the message “your followers will no longer see the tweet as retweeted by you” message. There are retweets by you, retweets by others and your tweets, retweeted sections in retweets page. To make retweet easy to spot, they have added an icon at the beginning of retweets.

Retweet button screen shoot

Retweet button screen shoot

Twitter is planning to see the performance of retweets and release the feature once it is ready. Social media is growing as those guys are leading people to communicate, share and spread the word around. Twitter, as a micro blogging platform became so powerful by just asking people the most simple question “What are you doing?” and today the biggest search engines like Google and Bing are racing to sync with it to use it’s power of “real-time search”. Good job Twitter!

30 Oct

Use Social Media to appear in Real-Time Search

Twitter Google Partnership
Google and Bing revealed their integration to real-time search and social media by announcing their agreements with Twitter during the Web 2.0 Summit on October 21. Google is aiming to give a better real-time search experience by including real-time Twitter updates in their search results hence users will be able to learn what others are saying about what they’ve been searching for under the same roof. Consider you perform a search about “x brand of freezer”. You will not only see relevant search results but also public opinion about your topic that will give you quick and better understanding about your query.

On the other side, Bing didn’t go far beyond than developing a Bing Twitter search facility similar to the other Twitter search engines in the market. Bing’s new Twitter search feature is currently available in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Arabia, South Africa, and the United States. Those guys are aware of the power of real-time web and took their step in to the social media not later that Google.
Bing Twitter Feature

27 May

What Twitter Trends Are All About

Twitter Trends Explanations

If you use Twitter as a tool in catching up with what’s going on in the world, probably you all experienced “have no clue” moments and it becomes a pain if you are planning to create content related with trending topics to drive high traffic to your website, you need to spend some time on finding out what they are all about.

I came accross to a website today which I found so useful for understanding why trend topics in Twitter are trendy. What the trend is giving user edited short blurbs of each trend topic in top 10 explaining why they are popular. It gives you a list of latest tweets about each popular topic plus related Google news and Flickr photos as well. Check it out and let me know what you you think.