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11 Sep

Essential Factors To Consider When Designing A Website For Your Business

A website is considered to be an important thing for every business. A business which is not present on the web, in today’s scenario is considered to be useless. Therefore, online presence is must and for this the first thing to consider is to have an effective site. Effective site […]

23 Jul

Web Design Elements Visitors Expect to See on a Business Website

There are certain web design elements visitors expect to see on a business website include FAQ, Contact Us, and more. Now that the Internet has been around for around twenty years, users have come to expect certain design elements on specialized websites. Whether you have a blog, an artistic site, […]

19 Jan

Why Focus on Website Design over Social Media Marketing?

While social media marketing has become overly popular, this is no reason to neglect your own website design. Your website can be much more than just a location to find out about your business, it should be the place to do business. Online marketing brings them to your website, and […]

19 Jan

How to Choose the Best Web Host

If you would like to have your own website but don’t want to deal with any of the technical hassles involved, you should consider using a good web host to get your site up and running. A web host acts as a server which allows a website owner to broadcast […]

24 Dec

Ten Most Popular Joomla Components Available for Free

Here I offer the most popular components that are usually used for Joomla. The primary criteria for all of them are that they are all available for free, so you will get the unique opportunity to test them without actually spending a single cent. 1. Virtuemart There’s no site of […]

20 Dec

How to Make Your Website More User Friendly

With the internet being as popular and wildly competitive as it is, successful websites need to be cleverly designed and user friendly. A user friendly website will attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. If you have a website that could use a little help in becoming more […]

5 Dec

7 Tips for Better Web Design

It’s easy to mess up web design. Web sites are complicated machines with many moving parts, some of which are prone to throw tantrums at inopportune times. In aggregate with the already-fickle aspects of design like typography and whitespace, getting a proper web site up and running is possible, but […]

21 Nov

3 Often Overlooked Things That Can Actually Harm Your Website

The world of search engine optimization is one that frequently, if not always, causes huge debates. The latter include diverse topics such from the color of the hat people are wearing, Google’s not-so-smooth attempts to give even more exposure to its own services, and the shady tactics employed by several […]

13 Nov

10 Ways to promote your eCommerce website

When you hear the word promotion, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Promotion is a word to describe a marketing activity with the objective of informing, influencing, and persuading people to make a repeat business (for former clients) or make purchasing decisions (for new clients). Once […]

7 Nov

Using Effective Web Design To Boost Your Conversion Rate

When you’re looking to re-do your website or create a new one, what factors do you consider? Do you think about how the brand will fit in with your other marketing materials? Do you think about what the copy needs to say? And do you think about what you want […]

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