As you already know that the higher the backlinks your site generates from quality & relevant sites, the higher your position will increase in the SERPs. But getting backlinks is not an easy task wherein after the incorporation of “no follow” attributes, people are fuming over to get backlinks from those sites which have “follow” attributes to get the link juice from that site.

I’ll explain you in my next post about “nofollow” attributes but first here I’ll explain you the method of generating backlinks for your site which are easiest & simplest by all means.

Let’s take a look on how to generate links from reputed sites.

1. Link Exchange

It is one of the best but toughest way to generate backlinks as it depends more on the second person you are exchanging links with. There are many ways of exchanging links like reciprocal linking, one way linking, three way linking, link baiting etc.  Mostly people are doing reciprocal which deals in sending mails to other relevant sites asking them to exchange links with you whom half of the people ignore because most of the mails are spam or are not relevant sites.

2. Directory Submission

There are thousands of directories which offer free, paid or reciprocal submission. Free submissions are more of a one way linking but your site may or may not be indexed by the directories because they already list on their site that “free submission may take up to weeks or even months to index your site in our directory” which they didn’t index & we also forget to check the site again for listing.

3. Link buying or selling

It’s been a debate over a year that buying link is unethical in the eyes of Google but most of the sites I come across are buying & selling links. They are also getting index by google in SERPs. Google said Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes and not for manipulation of search results.So, I hope you’d understood that you can indulge in buying or selling links but not in manipulation of search engines.

4.  Article Submission

One of the simplest ways of getting backlinks for your site is by writing articles & submitting them in article directories. If you are writing an article, do write in such a way that the user who reads your article on any article site tend to visit your site, otherwise most of the visitors are just reading the site and leaving without checking your site.

5.  Press Release

Press release is also good & best way to get backlinks for your site but unlike article submission where you speak about something to interest people, in press release you should speak something about your site, new business offers or products launching those attracts people to visit your site.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging means suppose if any site stumble upon your site & likes your post on any given subject, they may ask you to write a post on similar topic on their site which is called “Guest blogging” . At the conclusion, you may end up writing about yourself as putting a link of your site which results in getting backlink for your site.  Likewise, if your post content emerges very beneficial for users, they might end up visiting for your site.

7. Forum Posting

Posting threads on forums is also another way of getting backlinks.  But beware of spammy and “nofollow” ones.  It’s always advisable to post threads on those forums which are of high quality and reputed.

8. Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs is mostly regarded as spam unless you comment something provocative or something meaningful which the blog didn’t include in their post.

So, that’s It! Those are some of the easiest ways to get backlinks for your site. Please write in comment what are your ways of getting backlinks.

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