According to Technorati, millions of blogs and websites are created daily. And with each blog created, taking yours to the top could truly be a daunting job. But if you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to get your blog to top, you should be ready for the downsides of having a popular blog. Getting to the top is easy but staying there is another thing altogether.

A successful blog translates to better following. And when you’ve got hundreds or thousands of visitors trooping to your blog every day, you have to take a second look into each word you place on your post. What began as hobby now takes precedence in almost every aspect of your life.

More Working Hours

The first that any successful blog owner would notice is the additional hours they have to put up as they answer every comment, research for additional content and come up with new ideas. You also have to manage your advertiser’s accounts and more importantly keep track of your competitors.

Getting to the top of search engines takes a lot of hard work and staying there could be a lot harder. You have to put your game face on and be prepared to turn the heat a notch higher. Some blog owners are also guilty of taking shortcuts. Budgeting time between creating content and their new responsibilities without actually adding working hours.

Gearing Up your Hardware

Bigger traffic requires a more robust web hosting structure. The first thing that you should consider is to upgrade your web hosting account to something which could handle increasing traffic. Going for low cost packages could be adequate at the start of your blog life but could be a source of growing pains in the future. Switching to a bigger bandwidth helps speed up your page’s loading time.

Show me the Money

Better traffic translates to more advertisers, hence, better income. But this usually depends on how far you’ve gone up the success ladder. As your blog grows more popular, you need to shell out more money upgrading your web hosting service or additional computer gear. Just like any business, being successful requires a little bit of investing but this is a far cry from traditional business overhead’s cost.

Aside from upgrading your webhosting services and computer gear you might also want to consider getting the services of a professional website designer to place new touches on your blog. Bigger traffic does not necessarily equate to a financial windfall but this opens new avenues for making money.


One downside to becoming a popular blog that you should always keep an eye for is the possibility of being hacked. You should consider implementing a stricter security structure for safeguarding your blog. However, some of the popular Content Management Systems are better equipped to protect your blog from hacking attacks. It is important to remember that popular blogs represent a better target for hackers. Installing a few security plugins can go a long way in protecting your blog.

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