If you have a website or blog, I know that you want to drive big traffic and bring leads, generate some ad revenue or just increase your Page Rank and websites’ value.

One way to drive traffic to your website is following trends and generating posts related with search phrases. There are several ways you can monitor real-time (delays are always possible) search trends such as Google Trends, Twitter and Yahoo Buzz.

Google Trends

Google trends
give you approximate popular search patterns. You can see a list of most searched 100 queries. It gives search volume index for each pattern, news articles, blog posts, related searches, peak times and locations. I believe it gives great insight for popular search trends as majority of people use Google for search.

Trend topics by Twitter

Twitter is a “a real-time short messaging service” and has recently added search and trend topics features to users homepages. It gives top-ten popular tweet topics and a great global insight as they say:

“As public tweets fly in from around the globe, we analyze them to detect when certain words or phrases occur with higher frequency. These trending phrases are surfaced in the Twitter home page just under the new search box and they’re updated throughout the day.”

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo Buzz analysis most popular search terms in Yahoo then it displays popular buzzed up stories on those topics based on activities like voting, commenting, and emailing stories to friends. Popular stories may be published on the Yahoo home page which means a lot of traffic for your website. You can monitor top search terms updated hourly in Yahoo Buzz and give direction to your content.

If you have a niche blog or website, I recommend you to take a look at search trends and pick up the topics related with your niche to create new content for highly targetted traffic.

What is your opinion on driving high traffic to websites?

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