Google is known for revising its search engine algorithm on a frequent basis. It carries out all these efforts simply to weed out the spam along with giving top priority to quality content based sites and blogs. Creating a site could be an easy thing, however, to keep the search engine rankings consistent at the top are a difficult and challenging job to accomplish. For this you need to know a number of developments pertaining to Google SEO and abide by them. You are supposed to explore the Google Webmaster Tools commonly known as GWT in and out if you are willing to rank your sites at the top over Google. The Google Webmaster is among the most comprehensive tool, which is meant to optimize the way Google crawls and it indexes your site. By using the GWT you could carry out an effective SEO strategy, which will include analyzing the links, finding out a number of search queries, which drive the traffic your website, find out the broken links, share different information regarding your website etc. The below is the list of the top five new developments regarding SEO, which you should know as a webmaster or SEO consultant.

1) Content Matters

In order to rank at the top, the content you put over your site or blog matters the most to Google. After all the entire business of search works simply on finding out information by different users who come over Google and other search engines. Hence content plays an important role in attracting traffic. It is said that content draws people by their interest and tantalize them. If it fails to do this then the very purpose of content would fail. The term content has a wider meaning, which is simply not confined to text material. It is everything you put over your site or blog.

These include, the videos, pictures, polls, quick, games, infographic stuff, etc. that you put over your site. The fact is there are no limits to the type of content you could develop for your site; hence limiting it to text is not wise in terms of Google. If you are able to put high quality and interesting content over your site or blog, you are supposed to rank higher in Google search results. However, this is not a onetime strategy, you need to update your site with new and fresh content on a regular basis to have a consistent top ranks.

2) Fix the Broken Links

The Google Webmaster tools will help you in finding the crawl errors inside your site. These are errors encountered by search engine crawler when it is supposed to follow any link over your site and unable to find out the relevant web page instead of getting the 404 page error. If your site has several such pages or if you are using the CMS (content management system) for generating pages automatically then you could end up finding the dead links, which will never point to respective pages. The Google Webmaster tool will help you in getting the details of the crawl errors, which could easily fix after checking them all by either removing the broken links or simply redirecting them to other relevant web pages.

3) The Search Queries

The Google Webmaster tool also will help you in getting the search queries, which will help you to find the top keywords and web pages of your site. The Search Queries tab displays the top queries and web pages in it. If you further explore the tabs inside Search Queries tab you could find the top keywords that can be sorted out as per the number of impressions, queries and clicks. Also, you can even sort the keywords as per different other parameters in the report. The tab of Top Pages would help you in getting these details for the web pages. This will therefore help you in optimizing as per the report and enjoy better rankings over Google.

4) XML Sitemaps

These site maps are very much Google friendly and help you in knowing the indexation percentage of the sites. The Sitemap tool in the Google Webmaster Tool will help you in submitting the XML sitemap of your site. By using any free tool to crawl your site can help you in generating an XML sitemap for you. The XML sitemap simply helps in guiding the search engines regarding your pages. The better is your site indexation percentage the good will be your site rankings over Google. Also, you could use this sitemap in understanding the way Google has hampered your site’s rankings. In this way, you end up finding out the penalties given by Google.

5) Consider Google Plus

Google Plus has shown good impact over the site rankings over Google. The businesses which are building up the network and content over Google Plus are certainly seen having an edge over others. If you integrate with this social media site, you are certainly going to make a difference in your searches.

Final Word

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. When it comes to rank at the top over Google, you are supposed to have a quality site with effective content along with abiding the rules set by this giant search engine then only you could prosper. However, if you fail to follow these rules you are bound to go down in the business of searches.

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