Choosing or selecting the right keywords for your website is one of the main tasks for any business owner, because the keywords which they choose are those keywords which bring them traffic to their site, conversion or at least a quick glance from a visitor. Selecting right keywords for your business is one of the daunting tasks. There are many tools available online which provides keywords data based on their assumptions.  Although, they may be not accurate at all times, we need to highly rely on them as there is no other option.

There are different ways to find keywords. As there are lots of tools are available online from the giant search engine Google, we don’t have to look at other softwares or tools. Below are some tools available from Google to find the keywords which are beneficial for your business.

1. Keyword tool from Google

This keyword research tool by Google is the best, simple and user friendly. Almost half of the people who are in to SEO use this tool to get effective data. With new interface, categories, ideas for mobiles etc. makes this tool more ravishing. I’d recommend each and everyone to use this tool to extract keywords which are meant for your business.

2. Google Insights

Lately, we have been using this tool extensively to compare results with previous years. We can compare our keywords based on search terms, locations and time ranges. Also, we can add upto five keywords to compare their stats. It shows data from 2004 to present year along with the categories.

3. Google Keyword Suggestion

Google started suggesting keywords while you type the term in search bar a long way back where they’d display the competition also for those keywords (recently they started showing without competition data) Keyword suggestion will help you in finding the other relevant keywords which people are using frequently those comes up in the search bar.

4. Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel one of the interesting and creative tool released by Google in 2009 which consists of keywords integrated in a wheel. This wonder wheel gives you an option to find more related keywords by clicking on the wheel which opens another wheel with set of keywords around it.

5. Google Trends

With Google trends, you can see which term or keywords are oftenly searched in Google. Google categorize them into hotness, volatile etc. based on the number of times it has been searched. You can also search for websites which are being searched maximum times in suitable country or region.

6. Search based keyword tool

Last but not the least, this keyword tool has been used mostly for adwords users but you can also try it for SEO.

So, above are few keyword tools which are FREE and you can use to target relevant keywords of your choice. What other keywords tool are you using? Please write in comments.

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