In recent years we have seen a boom in online marketing, social media marketing and the importance of website design. There are those who will tell you the days of printing and media marketing are gone. This is not necessarily the case. If done well, these two media formats can greatly complement each other. Just because we are moving forward with technology does not mean everyone in society is moving along with it. Further to that, marketing that comes from different angles can greatly reinforce your message. Here is a look at why these two mediums can work well together.

  • Internet-based marketing is more than getting the message out. A great website can do a lot for your business. We have seen this proven time and time again. The best example of this in most developed economies is the huge growth in online shopping. Prices are reduced, shopping times are increased, and there is a huge amount of choice for customers. The point of good online marketing is to take advantage of a good site. A good site should also take some workload away from your traditional operations. For example, your site could be your way to receive client payments, or it could be where you collect data. Anything that has to do with information transfer and transactions can be built into your marketing activities.
  • Online transitions and distance: The biggest problem for most online activities is that all customers must be online to take advantage of those facilities. In many cases, potential clients will not be online unless they have a reason, or they have access to those tools. Furthermore, not all situations suit online activities. Not all clients will be those who will do business online. In most of those cases, we will need to establish a relationship with them before we can make the transition to Internet-based activities. We are all a little sceptical when we are online and are bombarded with all those too-good-to-be-true offers.
  • Print media strengths: Print media might be a little old-fashioned, but it does have a few strengths that will never go away. It is important to remember printing services do not only mean paper based products. Those companies in the printing business are also in the business of making giveaway products and related items. Printed materials will stay around for a long time, and we can use them to regularly reinforce our message. When someone gets used to a brand or message, they will slowly become associated with it. Further to this, printed advertisements get better attention from readers compared with the moving and changing world of online and moving advertisements. Manage your printing budget and make sure you target the right people – you can help build your brand and reach those people who are not online.
  • Pairing: Pairing these marketing strategies, researching, brand building and customer reach tools are very effective. The two options work together in so many ways. You can have tangible gifts for those who come to your website through Facebook marketing, such as a coffee cup, and your coffee cup can contain directions to return to your website for new and fresh offers.

Society and methods of communications are accumulative. We cannot assume that one medium for communication is better than another. People still write notes to themselves on the kitchen message board. There is nothing like a kitchen fridge magnet to remember that website address or phone number when you are hungry for a pizza. Ordering online can be very effective once you are confident going to get your pizza. We have highlighted some ways print and online activities can work together. It is up to each business owner to analyse what combinations can work best for them. Even print companies have a website.

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