If you are involved in internet marketing business, you should make sure that you use all juicy features of Search Engines to drive traffic to your websites.

Google local and Google maps is a great way of driving free traffic to your website, especially your local customers. It helps people to find your business on Google maps and appear in Google organic search results for your local area with relevant keywords. For instance; if you type “SEO Warrington” in google search, you would see Future Searches is listed in local results and it is all for free. Great isn’t it?

Future searches seo warrington local listing

Or if you go to Google maps and type “SEO Great Sankey”, you will  see our listing in Google maps ” again for free”.

How to get listed in Google Local Search and Google Maps?

All you need to do is to log in to Google Local Business center and follow the instructions. You need to have a google account (if you don’t have don’t worry, you can have one in minutes) to log in to local business center. You need to provide your postal address, telephone number, URL, a brief description of services you offer. You will be asked to verify your information either by phone, email or sms. Google says it takes normally 24-38 hours to be listed in the relevant listings but I guess it can take more than that in some circumstances. You can monitor the result of your submission and the success of your listing from the same window. You can update your listing any time by following the same route.

Do you know any helpful tactics to drive traffic to your website like Google Local and Google Maps. If so, please let me know.

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