Subscribers are the life of your e-mail marketing. When you want to send out e-mails and reach out to people, you need your subscribers. The bigger the number, the better it is for your business.

However, while you might do all the promotions right, place the subscription tab right where it catches the attention of the user and manage to get a good deal of subscriptions, there’s one problem that you have chances of facing. That is – e-mail subscription Opt – Outs!

How is one equipped to deal with an increasing number of opt-outs? In this post, we shall discuss tips to decrease opting-out, as much as we can.

Tip 1: Keep Your Promises

The first rule is to keep your promise. If your subscription is about social media and that’s what you have committed to your audience, then stick to that. If on a social media subscription, you are going to flood your subscribers with SEO and Web Design tips, then they are bound to opt-out of your e-mail list.

Tip 2: Don’t Over-do Your Invitations

Are you constantly sending invites to your subscribers to join courses or plans or anything like that? If they have been relatively quiet, then it’s time for you to get less aggressive. When subscribers are not interested, they prefer silence. In such a bid if you constantly send them invites, it’s bound to drive them away.

Alternatively, you could add tabs that read “Yes or No” and send records straight to your system. In case someone is not interested in your work, they can send you the update and that way, you can monitor NOT to flood them with repeat content.

Tip 3: Don’t Keep On Selling

Yes, it is possible that your list is only for marketing purposes, but that doesn’t mean that all you do is market your website, products and services. Your subscription should add value to your subscriber’s e-mail Inbox. So, if you really do want to sell your products, do that every once in a while, not always.

Tip 4: A One – To – One Touch

Giving your e-mails a one – to – one or slightly personal touch is a great way to improve your relationship with the subscriber. When people read slightly informal e-mails that seem more personalized, they have a subconscious tendency to react more positively.

 Tip 5: Create And Encourage Lists Or Categories

If you have diverse subjects on which you write or send e-mails, then it’s a good idea to divide them into categories or lists and ask your subscribers to pick their choice. You can encourage them to determine exactly what their interests are and send them only the content that they seek. This is a great way to decrease opt-outs since most people opt-out as the content is not of their choice.

 Tip 6: Concentrate On Relevance

Ultimately, it’s quality that matters. If you’re out of content for a few days, it’s fine. Don’t compromise by sending in substandard e-mails or information or content. Make sure that all your communication is relevant. This decreases opt-outs from e-mail lists and strengthens your list building initiatives.

Tip 7: Make “Opting-Out” Slightly Out Of Sight

Although keep it simple for the users to unsubscribe; don’t make the unsubscribe button prominent. Leave it at the bottom of the page.

Finally, since this was a post on how to decrease “opt-outs”, it has been focused more on what not to do, than on what to do. Keeping these points in mind however, can lead you on to success! Cheers.

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