How many times did we hear that Wikipedia is not worth trusting source of information? Many university professors forbid their students to use Wikipedia for writing essays and search papers and we can’t blame them for that. But talk to any student and he will name Wikipedia among the most helpful websites. Searching systems put it on the top positions thus you will never pass by Wiki. For a thoughtful person it’s not difficult to notice that it can be helpful not only in searching information. Wikipedia can become one of the ways to promote your website and thus contribute to your business success.  How? By creating your own page in Wikipedia or adding new information to another already existing Wiki page.

Let’s try to figure out if this popular information source worth attention of businessmen. Those people who are ready to give Wiki a chance are coming across two main questions: How to turn into life mine and Wiki’s cooperation, and what my SEO will “say” on it?

Small Business Goes to Wikipedia

It’s not a myth that Wikipedia gives an opportunity to edit already existing pages, though every author has to get an approval together with editing text he is going to publish. Only after winning this approval the author is to be published. The main aim of Wikipedia is to show the whole picture on a certain subject. This aim is gained by adding and editing information by different people. Two rules that are of vital importance for those who are willing to edit or create a page are:

No personal opinion. Any information should be neutral. Sentences of aggressive character that can hurt feeling and affect the interests of another person will not pass the censorship in Wikipedia and the page containing this sort of information is usually immediately deleted. This can become an unconquerable obstacle for a developing company.

True information. Any information to be published has to be taken from a certain magazine, book or news company. The source of information you want to add must be easily found for further verification.

Can you handle these two requirements? If yes, why not to try? The mechanism of how to do it is as follows:

Become a part of Wikipedia community. Your first editing steps should not be for mercenary ends, just create a few edits for different pages in Wiki and do not forget to state your name. Wikipedia Talk Page will help you to contact with other users and create your own user page. In this way you will demonstrate your neutral position.

The procedure of editing and creating pages in Wiki starts with registration. You won’t be able to cooperate with this information source without being registered. After having your account you just need to follow very simple instruction and get benefits.

Don’t forget to use references. The references section must be used if you are planning to create a new page about your company. In fact it’s extremely difficult to publish a separate page for your company.

That is why the better option is to add information with references on your company. You just need to find a page which information is related to the specialization of your business.

Why does a businessman consider Wikipedia to be a bad choice for developing business?

We’d like to state once again that it will be difficult to create your own page on Wiki. But! If you manage to do that the profit is not long to wait!

The best chances to cooperate with Wiki are given to those companies which has a unique product of their own distribution. In this case it won’t be hard to create a whole page here.

About the author: Paul Smith is a writer whose specialization is SEO, WordPress and social networks. You can also find his essays on and Google+.


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