From networking to nicheworking:

When it comes to business needs, social media boils down from “general” to “niche”.  Social media evangelists better term it as a ‘target’ or ‘passion’ market. Businesses want to undergo a makeover and so they need to add dashes of social nicheworking. Becoming the cynosure is the mantra.

How to kick-start nicheworking?

  • Grow with your users: Growing your business does not mean to have a great product or service. One needs to enhance the product into a brand. This manifestation takes place when we start developing the brand identity around the people and following their behavior.
  • Find the passion points: Your target market is the niche or passion market. Niche refers to a particular element that becomes inherent in your business goals. This is same for users. For example, if you want to start an online business on real estate, you need to approach people who are searching for low cost homes. Just an add-on like “Find low cost homes” could work wonders for your business. You are catering to the immediate needs of your users. Today if you are thinking of an idea, you never know that is already in the light. But you need to make more noise so that your users come to you. So you got to reach out to those fine passion points!
  • Fish where the fish are: This metaphor is apt for those who are trying to leverage businesses via social media. But the art lies in learning. This fishing requires understanding and insight. Social media promotion is not a one day wonder. It slowly enhances and reaches that tipping point one fine day! You need to take a plunge and swim with the fish (your target market). You need to follow them and grow with them. This analogy explains the importance of relationship building. Businesses are integrating Twitter in their strategies so that people follow what they are doing. This  is a technique to hit the target. Start a forum on your brand and engage your users. Give them a space to get vocal. This often done by going for a proper investment on various social media tools. This generates the potential to encapsulate target audience and converts them to customers. Don’t just have a Twitter or Facebook account because Company Y has it. Get on one platform but engage with your users. You will see that every time your audience bounce back, they will get something new for you. It could be an increase in traffic!
  • Let your audience nibble your idea: Allow users to eat and be merry! Yes, they must enjoy being with you. Let them gorge on your product so that they come back for more and more. Allow your users to communicate within themselves. Give them the space that they need to make noise about your product. All you need to do is get down in the waters and catch your fish!

Nicheworking is not just about connecting, it is more about engaging.

Are you telling a story to your users that resonates? Stop spending time without them. Carve a niche, get closer to your users and and embrace all your happy customers.

Nicheworking is making enough news and is perhaps the trend that is running across the web veins. Lately, Facebook also came up with Facebook groups and that has created a nich again. The important facet is that these social nicheworks hover around you. So there are a lot of positive vibes when it comes to use this nicheworking to promote your ideas. It has become easier to reach out to millions of people at one go. What businesses look out for is that they look out for protective environment where they can leverage their activities. The ultimate mantra is to engage and communicate. Social media gave us a medium to reach out but did not discover conversations. So the art of talking depends on how you are approaching your users. Definitely targetting niche is essential and is guided by various cultural and agility factors. This helps to increase awareness and attention by getting connected to the right people in the right place. Social consumers will follow your brand. The challenge lies how and when you participate with them. Are you making their journey worthwhile with nicheworking? If you can find an answer, you are ready for the big thing!

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