2012 SEO Factors2011 has been an eventful year for all online marketers. We have the Panda, freshness update and some fleeting reference of the Vincent update. And if this is not enough and if I am not wholly wrong, we have some strong signals that 2012 will see the death of links as a signal of rankings. However, the changes are not all about off page optimization. There has been a massive change lurking large over on page optimization process as well. On page optimization is no longer confined to keywords stuffing and all that. What is even more interesting is that Google is now scrapping Meta description as well. But onpage optimization is more than keyword research and meta data writing. Here in this article, we will try to explore some other vital aspects of on page SEO that may have direct impact on ranking in the year to come:

Duplicate Content

Sites with faceted navigations often find that a product page can be accessed via almost infinite number of ways. Since these pages are all basically the alternative versions same page, they will lead to the issue of internal duplicate content. To solve this issue, you need to use rel=“canonical” tag. Set a page as a canonical tag and use this code – <a href=http://www.example.com/rel-canonical.html rel=“canonical”> in the header section of all the other pages. It will solve the issue of internal duplicate content.

Non Www to With WWW

Make sure that all the pages without WWW versions are getting redirected to with www versions otherwise it will create the issue of duplicate content. Use http header status code checker tool to ensure that the page is getting redirected via 301 permanent redirection. Make sure you have checked all the internal links are hyperlinked with the www version of the URLs otherwise it will send conflicting signals to Google and other search engines.

Authorship Markup

If the website has a blog, it should have an author who is penning down the articles. To get credit for the article and to make his image appear in search result along with the usual snippet, you need to do a small task. From the author bio page link to his Google Plus account. Use this code:

<a herf=” https://plus.google.com/11689971368#########” rel=“author”>Google+</a>

And reciprocate the love from Google Plus profile by adding a link back at Google Plus profile in the contributor to section. Once it is done, your author bio page will become eligible for authorship markup.

Rich Snippet

This is the future of onpage optimization. You have to be very careful while using rich snippet in your website because here you are playing with codes. Make sure that the pages are appearing in good shape after stuffing with rich snippet codes and, thanks Google, there is a tool for checking rich snippet – Google Rich Snippet Testing tool. However if you are new around rich snippet, you can have an idea about it from Schema.org. Just check some examples and you will have a better idea.

Page Speed

This is another factor that probably will dominate on-page SEO in the coming year. Since Google is obsessed with speed and performance, it is asking webmasters to make their website load faster and it has launched a website – Google online page speed checker to calculate the score. To speed up your website, you need to reduce junk codes, get a better hosting service provider, create external CSS and JavaScript files, combine images via CSS sprite, reduce the number of HTTP requests and other small things.

Once you have implemented all of them, you can be sure of one thing that your website will be SEO proof at least for the coming 12 months.

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