What are Trending Topics?

 A key aspect of marketing is taking ‘the next big thing’ and harnessing its appeal. Trending Topics are the popular subjects, recent news stories and current events that everybody is talking and writing about. Finding and harnessing these topics is an excellent search engine optimization tactic. Trending Topics are a fantastic way to optimize website traffic towards those who are searching for those current topics.

There are typically two different categories of Trending Topics: Short-term and long-term. Short-term trending topics are news stories that will not remain popular for a long amount of time. A prime example of a short-term trending topic would be celebrity news and gossip. A subject such as a celebrity marriage may be a Trending Topic one week but irrelevant and forgotten the next. Long-term trending topics are sustainable issues that have both staying power and growing potential. An example of a long-term Trending Topic is the current ‘green’ trend. A few years ago it was a specialist subject of minimal popularity now it is a huge trend that will continue to grow.

How to find Trending Topics

 There are several effective ways to find out what the current trending topics are. Twitter’s trending hash tags are a quick and easy way to discover short-term trending topics. Manually monitoring relevant news websites and blogs is another effective, but time consuming way to track Trending Topics. Google Alerts is a handy tool that sends you a daily e-mail digest of Trending Topics in a specific field. This is an efficient way to keyword search with minimum effort but maximum results.

Discovering long-term trending topics can be a little more difficult. Nobody knows exactly what is going to grow in popularity and what is not so predictions can be somewhat of a gamble. Another handy tool to keep track of Tending Topics is Google Trends. Google maintains a list of long-term trends which allows the ability to find both emerging topics as well as examine the number of searches on specific keywords. These results aid in deciding and predicting which SEO keywords will produce the most effective results.

Take advantage of Trending Topics

Employing trending topics in SEO is a fantastic idea providing that the topics on your website are relevant to the trending news topics. If your site content is not relevant to the trending topic then the high traffic is not likely to last very long. For a consumer product or service site, the trends need to tie in closely with the trending keywords to achieve a positive result.  SEO Companies in Arizona look for the trends that directly match client’s offering, then use those keywords to create content relevant to increase the rankings. It is a very effective technique that is quickly becoming a very popular SEO tactic.

Regarding long-term trending topics it should be noted that popularity descends as well as ascends. These are known as Downward-trending topics; topics that were once long-term trenders but are now in decline. Employing SEO keywords to a trending topic that is decreasing in popularity will not provide significant prolonged effects.

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