There is no scope for questioning the dominant position that Google enjoys in the online space. Such has been its popularity that, people have increasingly started to use the term ‘Google’ as a verb (haven’t you heard people saying that they will ‘google’ up some information?). In this article we present an overview of Googleplex, the headquarters of Google.

Yes, Google is THE most important search engine. Right from individual website owners, to a professional online marketing agency – everyone waits with baited breath for the next Google update, which would have far-reaching impacts in the world of web searches. Who takes care of framing the policies of Google, and are responsible for coming up with strategies to make the overall browsing experience of individuals that much easier? The experts at Googleplex, the official headquarters of Google, at California, USA. If information lives in the Google search engine, search itself lives in Googleplex!

Intrigued by the name ‘Googleplex’? Trust the wizards at Google to add a touch of innovativeness in the name of its headquarters! ‘Gogolplex’, the term given to the numeric figure 10googol, acts as the inspiration behind this rather interesting office name. Over twenty buildings are present in the entire Googleplex complex. If you, wish to get in touch with the crème de la crème of Google, you should probably head for buildings 40, 41, 42 and 43 first. There is no typical stuffy office ambience at Googleplex. In fact, the laid-back, relaxed approach encourages the employees to work in a smarter, better manner.

It would be a mistake to think that the executives at Googleplex are involved only with internet search issues. However, aiding people in online search remains the primary concern of Google. Any good online marketing agency would religiously follow all the announcements and policy changes that Google comes up with, from time to time. Unless the internet marketing strategies are modified accordingly, these agencies would never be able to provide the desired results to their clients.

This brings us nicely to the topic of recent updates from Google, which have had an effect on internet marketing activities. We would here provide a glimpse of three such updates. First, there was the Google Panda update, which was first rolled out in early-2011. It was aimed to ensure that only the high-quality websites (based on several parameters) would be accorded a high search engine rank. Spamming and black-hat SEO tactics, which formed a clout in the world of internet marketing, were effectively blocked out by the Google Penguin update. The policies related to paid-search features on Google (Google Adwords) were also changed during October last year. Now, businesses are required to abide by certain stringent compliance policies, while managing PPC campaigns. The people at the helm at Googleplex come up with these updates to provide users with a richer online experience.

Apart from its search engine services, many of Google’s other facilities also find widespread popularity among users. Gmail, the spacious email application, and YouTube, its video-sharing resource, warrant special mention in this regard. Chrome, Google’s very own web browser application, is rapidly rising in the popularity charts too. The webmaster tools provided by Google are also something that any online marketing agency is concerned with. Document management and Smartphone applications – Google has them too!

It is hardly a matter of surprise that smart and effective ideas are conceived on a regular basis by the Google officials. At Googleplex, primary emphasis is placed on proper brainstorming, and whiteboards are placed at multiple locations, where each employee can express his/her own thoughts. Like any other successful organization, Google too has its fair share of rivals. However, thanks to the excellence and sheer dedication of those at Googleplex, Google is not likely to slow down any time in the near future!

Author’s Bio: David Harris is a professional web marketer. He also owns a well-known online marketing agency in Canada. He regularly writes on web design, SEO and reputed e-commerce website. In this piece, he provides readers a sneak preview of Googleplex, the imposing headquarters of Google, in the United States. Get relevant updates from here :

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