PPC versus PrintadsWinston Churchill once said, “short words are best, and old words are the best of all.” This quote holds a wisdom that has stood the test of time. The great leader that he was, Churchill must have envisaged the hype that internet would generate! The net has completely changed people’s perception of the world. A time was when people could not think of mornings without the newspaper and coffee. Now it’s the early update that catches the tweet(er)! Today’s marketers work 24 X 7 as their efforts get “followed” or “liked” on a plethora of networking platforms. They are busy networking and strategizing their next move. In this net-blitzkrieg, some marketers are finding solace in the old world media. A study revealed that in spite of the “disruptive” patterns of social media, many consumers depend upon the traditional media for authentic information. On a similar note, another study came to a conclusion that the adaptability of the younger generation (age group: 18 -34), to the new media, was comparatively higher than older generation√≠ (35 and above). At the same time the study also noted that they (the younger generation!) were also influenced by information in traditional media like newspapers and magazines (print versions and not the internet versions). Given these mixed usage pattern of consumers, marketers need to focus on which media to use in order to accomplish the targeted rate of return over investments. For the purpose of this blog post, let’s make a basic comparison of print classified ads and pay per click ads appearing on the internet.

What are Classified Ads and PPC Ads?

Classified Ads: Print Classified Ads are short and paid advertisements appearing in print media like newspapers, magazines or journals, sold or distributed free of charge, comprising majorly of words and listed among certain category, targeted towards specific audiences within the category.

PPC Ads: Pay Per Click Ads are precise advertisements that appear on a website or a search engine page, when a user searches for information about a particular product/service using a single or group of keywords. This type of advertisement is paid for by the marketer only when the browser clicks on the ad appearing on the website or search engine page.

Which is the best?

Classified Ads are paid for depending upon the number of words and lines it occupies within a column width of the publication. PPC ads are charged for only when a user clicks on the relevant ad. However, the space that is occupied by the PPC ads are bid for (in search engines), unlike in classified ads where they are listed under a predetermined category. Results on PPC are available comparatively quickly as compared to classified ads. PPC ads are created based on keyword research while classifieds are created using words that target a niche product/service. Though PPC ads cannot be published within the print medium, classifieds have made the transition from print to electronic. Many publications available online publish their classifieds on their e-sites/e-publications. Marketers need not fret over which media to use as the world transcends and adapts to newer technologies. The only thing that must figure in every marketers mind is “who and where my target audiences are!” Classifieds in the print media are relevant when the target audience is highly localized within a geographical area. PPC transcends all geographical barriers and targets potential traffic (audiences) based on the keyword/s that they use. To conclude, it would behoove marketers to reflect upon yet another quote by Winston Churchill, “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.”

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