For the most powerful and effective marketing strategies you must combine your methods. If you have a social networking account you want to put these buttons on your website or blog. This allows people to friend you or to share your website or blog on whichever social network.

Visitors won’t revisit your page if your content isn’t top quality and informative. So you can’t just leave it up to networking, you must combine your networking efforts with your content marketing efforts.

If you are not sure how to effectively marry the two I can help you out a bit. Continue reading for some strategies that will help you combine social media strategies and content marketing in the most effective way.

• Ensure all the articles you publish are full articles. You can place these articles on websites such as LinkedIn or on your Facebook Fan page.

• Whenever you post an article or write a blog post or answer a question in a discussion forum or make a comment you can benefit from placing your link into it. 

You can link it to your social network page or straight to your website in different ways, you can do a straight headline or with a small paragraph then the link or you can do it in the form of a question. The latter is said to have the best effect for improving click through rate.

• In the same way you would place social media buttons on your website you want to put them in your content as well. So wherever you post content if you are allowed to put up your social buttons go right ahead and add them. 

One great way to get people to use these buttons is to have a question such as “like this post? – share it on Facebook”

• If you have already published articles to the various article directories you can easily link to them from your social network accounts. 

If the directory allows you can even go back and give the readers the option to follow on whichever social networking website it is that you use.

• With each blog post you create and each article you write you want to ensure that there is a purpose behind it. You can try promoting this content with the use of an affiliate link. 

This will give you the opportunity to get traffic directly to your opt in page. This will work hand in hand with the call to action that was mentioned earlier to grow your following and get more traffic for your business.

Social media marketing and content marketing are a great combination that can lead to large amounts of targeted traffic which can really boost profits overtime.

I didn’t mention above that the comments and questions that people leave on your social media page can inspire the content for your website as well as in the content for your email marketing. You see they all work together for good to help you become a success.

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