If you’ve hired an SEO company, or done your own in-house SEO, in order to optimize your website for search engines, you’re probably seeing results that prove the worth of that investment. Your business’s website is ranked higher in popular search engines, like Google, and as a result you are receiving more visitors and more targeted traffic, ultimately leading to more leads and more paying customers. However, just because you have seen some success doesn’t mean you should immediately cease your relationship with the SEO company or stop your own SEO efforts.

Search engine optimization must be an ongoing effort for as long as you hope to maintain a strong web presence. SEO is not a ‘quick fix’ to help improve a business, but rather an integral part of any business strategy. Here are the main reasons why you should continue optimizing for search engines:

More visitors means more business, and SEO can continue to increase the number of unique visitors you obtain per month. The sky is the limit when it comes to web traffic, and you shouldn’t settle for a modest increase, no matter how exciting or beneficial that increase may be. Your ranking in search engines can always improve. Even if you are dominating your main keywords, you can use SEO to rank for other keywords vertically and horizontally related to your business. Plus, continued SEO can help you rank for the near infinite long-tail keywords that users will enter into search engines.

Improving your overall rankings will help increase targeted traffic, leading to a better return on your investment. New competitors will always hit the scene, and old ones that you though you vanquished may attempt a comeback. As soon as you stop your SEO efforts, you can be sure that other websites will continue to chip away at your position. The world of internet marketing is so dynamic that your position can change in a blink of an eye. Continuing your SEO efforts will help entrench your position and prevent competitors from usurping your dominance.

Your rankings may change simply because search engine algorithms change. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines constantly modify their algorithms in order to help return the best search results for their users. These changes can have significant consequences for your website’s ranking: What worked for SEO one day may be totally useless on another day. This constant change requires websites to constantly adapt to new market and search conditions. As a result, stopping your SEO for even a short period can cause you to fall behind your competition.

If your business changes, your SEO and website strategy needs to change along with it. What happens in the ‘real’ brick and mortar world will necessarily affect how you cultivate and utilize your web presence. You may need to rank for different keywords, or attract different types of visitors in order to expand or change your business. SEO can help you shift your online footprint as you make changes to your offline business.

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