To be a successful web entrepreneur takes a range of skills and abilities. You drive and determination, you need skills and you need a great business acumen. But at the same time it also takes more than that, and if you want to be a true success then you also need versatility. The more skills and abilities you learn related to online marketing, running a website and selling products, the more you will be able to understand every aspect of the process, the more you’ll be able to fine tune your business model and your end user experience, and the more you’ll be able to handle the various aspects yourself – thus keeping tighter control and reducing overheads.

If you have dabbled in SEO and also enjoy writing then that will take you so far, but if you want to see multiple revenue streams, and if you want to really innovate and keep up to date with the ever changing face of technology, then you need to develop a range of skills. Here we will look at just some you can benefit from.

Design and Photo Editing

If you don’t know how to use Paint Shop Pro as a webmaster then that’s something you need to fix. If ever you’ve needed a graphic for a webpage, or a logo, or anything else and have wondered how to go about it, then a knowledge of the various photo editing tools and design tools will mean you can have professional looking and tailored images. At the same time this is something you can use to make the front covers for books, or even a skill you can sell on webmaster forums.

Video Editing

Likewise the ability to cut together a great promotional video is a very useful skill for the web entrepreneur and one that will help you to use YouTube to its fullest.


If you can’t already program then this is a highly useful skill to look into. Most webmasters will know HTML, but you should also look into learning CSS and PHP for more creative web 2.0 designs. Even if you use Joomla or WordPress, being able to delve into the code and make changes by hand is a highly useful skill. Meanwhile you should also look into learning other types of programming for a host of other reasons – something like Java, Visual Basic or C++ for instance can allow you to program your own tools to act as ‘force multipliers’ and thereby help you to do more work faster. And of course you can also provide a programming service for a good profit or just sell the software that you create.

Telesales/Telephone Marketing

If you are self employed and you aren’t picking up the phone from time to time then you are missing out on some great ways to promote yourself. Don’t get so wrapped up in the ‘web’ aspect of what you do that you forget about the other channels of communication. Want to get your website mentioned in a magazine? Want to sell SEO to businesses? Well picking up the phone is sometimes the quickest way to make an impression on the right person.

Business Management

Many of the skills taught on an MBA or a similar business course can help you to improve how efficiently you run your business, and thereby enable you to make more profit while spending less on overheads. Iteration cycles, split a/b tests – these are the kinds of things that can help you to increase the effectiveness of your business several fold.

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