Here I offer the most popular components that are usually used for Joomla. The primary criteria for all of them are that they are all available for free, so you will get the unique opportunity to test them without actually spending a single cent.

1. Virtuemart

There’s no site of the eCommerce that can easily go without having the proper installation of the Virtuemart. The pit of the particular box shop is generally provided by the actual components. Due to the wide usage of the API components the solution has grown into the popular and self-catering web application useful for most of the developers. The other benefit of the Virtuemart is the wide range of the available plug-ins. With their help almost any freelancer is able to build the custom made processor for your internet payments.
The following products can be not just easily setup, but also can be customized to your liking. After trying Virtuemart be sure you’re not going to retreat to the idle OSCommerce ever again.

2. JoomlaPack

This is all you need to know about the backup. It’s one of those things you wish you never need, yet you’re grave dead without it the moment you appear to be in real need of one.
Usually the users tend to experience a lot of problems with cheap hosting sites, as they do not actually offer appropriate management system for backup. Thus if the site shuts down you have to nice opportunity to restore it without starting from the very beginning. Still all you need is to use the JoomlaPack for your site to be safe. This backup system is basically Joomla oriented, more over it generates the special installation files for a proper backup on the spot. All you need to do is to upload the archive with the full set of components.

3. Community builder

This feature is very common for the users, as all webmasters tend to use it at least on some of their sites. However this system is strongly Joomla oriented, offering the smart field management as well as the complete set of avatars, userlists and a lot more features you’ll definitely find useful.
This application seems to get commercial in future, still for now we are able to savor the moments of getting it for free.

4. Fireboard

This is all about forums, the best place for the users to chat. Nearly all the websites have their own forum, is it’s the perfect option to provide support and get feedbacks in real time.
That is actually what Fireboard does – it delivers the data. All the used components are clean, moreover you will receive awesome list of options for the consideration. Though the application misses some important features like the messaging system, still everything else is present and working.
The only real alternative is the SME bridge, still we all do not actually like the “bridge” stuff…

5. RSSFactory

The RSS integration is well better then the syndication of the news. With its help you will be provided with the fresh content without spending any time on it. All you need is to add some of the RSS resources in the expertise area, or as an alternative use the keywords corresponding to the data in your site. this is actually what you can call free SEO tool.
Using RSS for news can keep your life easies as you will be provided with new data daily, getting the articles nicely integrated into the structure of your site. If you perform a good wrapper, the users will be able to read the news right on your site. The tool offers a lot of custom characteristics for it as well.

6. FacileForms and Breezing Forms

At first it was just on of the components in the Joomla sphere, however it appeared to be developing some years ago and took the form of the separate application with high usefulness. The particular element can be the successful plugin to the program. It even allows the php illiterate users to create simple programming items with it.
At first the program looked like a bit abandoned in the basic state, still now it seems to get several updates and develop to keep up with the latest versions of Joomla.

7. Artio JoomSEF

This is all about SEO here. With the help of the offered item this techniques are no more looking like some sacred ground. All the sited created with Joomla are using SEF, and our goal is to choose the perfect solution for this matter. Since Joomla 5.1 is getting really close, Artio JoomSEF is still quite functional and appears to be smoother then the previously mentioned program.


This application allows you to run Joomla whenever you want and wherever you want it to be. You can place it right on the desktop of your computer, and it will be all nice and working. Even in case you’re offline a lot of options are still available for you.

9. JCE

This is like already known TinyMCE being accelerated. A lot of functions to add to WYSIWYG Editor and a lot of ways to configure them.

10. JoomlaXplorer

This is the modern replacement for the out-of-date ftp. You don’t have to stick to the FTP programs anymore, instead take advantage of the administrator options and host the files in Joomla. Feel free to download, upload, change and edit and perform any other options you might need.
My advice is however not to upload the program on the working server or to uninstall it after you finished what you’ve been doing on daily basis. This will be the perfect guarantee of data safety.

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