There is only one reason to place an ad on Facebook – to gain attention and attract website traffic. So what motivates readers to do that? How do you write an ad that gets those fingers clicking? Here are a few tips that should help.

Target Your Ad

There’s no use firing off an ad if you don’t know where to aim it. Facebook will give you choices about where your ad appears and which type readers will see it, so you need to think hard about who your target customer is. There is no need to advertise to those who would not be interested in your product, whether that product is a service, a blog, merchandise, or something else. If you’re paying by the click, you want those clicks to be from the right people.

How old is your ideal customer, where do they live? Do they have children, are they married, what is their occupation? Should they have special interests or hobbies? Narrowing down these demographics are key to successful marketing. Make sure your add appeals directly to your target customer with words or graphics so every click counts.

Feature the Benefits

When you ask someone to click on your ad, you need to state a compelling reason for him or her to do so…a reason that benefits the reader, not you. A call to action that doesn’t offer any reward for answering it results in a failure to motivate. What will your reader get if they click on your ad. Appeal to the emotions, not just the pocketbook.

Follow Facebook’s Guidelines

Don’t spend hours preparing an ad and then discover Facebook has rejected it. You need to familiarize yourself with their guidelines and make sure you stay within the parameters. Facebook also offers helpful information about how to get the best ROI (return on investment) from Facebook ads. Study those pages thoroughly before you begin creating your ad.

Write More than One Ad

Write several variations of your ad and measure the results of each. Try placing your ads at different times of day, using different graphics, or rewording your main point. Is one more successful than the others are? What’s different about it? Learn from both your mistakes and your successes.

There’s no denying the importance of social media in marketing strategies today, especially for an entrepreneur with a limited budget. Facebook provides you with an affordable way to target your advertising to thousands of customers who match your desired demographics. Make the most of it with smart ad copy.


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