SEO landscape has undergone lots of change in the course of last few years. With Google introducing hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year, businesses need to change their direction and optimisation stratagem again and again in order to remain relevant. In spite of continual changes, a few principles remain at the core of all successful SEO campaigns.

Keyword research is regarded as the core component by most organisations since it plays a very important role in sustaining revenue as well as customer acquisition through organic search. Though the principle here is as old as Google, a new definition of success is emerging slowly. Performing a keyword research, depending only upon the keyword tools of Google is presently just a journey towards average result. If the keyword research proceedings are updated, a more sustainable search engine optimisation procedure remains guaranteed.

Keyword Selection

Proper keyword selection ensures commendable impact on business. This does not just focus on incremental revenue but on the contrary, margin based decision making as well. The monthly value of keywords used in a particular program can be calculated by using the below formula:

Exact Search Volume x Target Position Click through Rate x Conversion Value x Conversion Rate

Conversion Value here varies depending upon the goal of SEO campaign. The e-commerce sites need to use AOV or average order value here. The lead generation firms can ignore the attribute though it is also possible to attach values associated with each lead here. Never be afraid to think out of the box. Input lifetime value of consumers to forecast the future. In case you aim to drive in more newsletter signup, measure them. The value of keywords is subjective and depends completely upon specific goal.

Mobiles Play a Role in Attracting Traffic

Mobile implication on organic site traffic and conversion rates is growing steadily. A large number of advertisers are now customising content and organic campaigns for the mobile users. With rapid advancements introduced into mobile technology, understanding the behaviour of mobile users as well as incorporation of this data into keyword research has achieved prevalence. It is advisable to analyse impact of cell phones on a given website. Measure the percentage of organic traffic that comes in from mobile. Scrutinise the keywords that are generating maximum mobile visit.

If data suggests positive impact on business arising of organic mobile visitors, Google’s keyword tools can be used in order to gain a better understanding of search behaviour. User intent and a few keywords can be more prevalent in cell phones. A recent study points out that only 33% of the advertisers have sites optimised for cell phones.

Observe Social Platforms

Search engine optimisation and social media are now becoming more integrated since social signals are presently playing a very important role in link building campaign. Social signals now receive more attention. Most businesses of today utilise social monitoring in order to improve content strategy and keyword research. It is also possible to improve keyword research by observing themes, industries and the competitors. It is often said that the more common research tools are incapable of providing with real time data. It is better to use more robust social monitoring tools in order to know about relevant topics and keywords related to your industry and business. Use the information that your competitors are yet to uncover to bring rank for your keywords.

Remain Relevant to the Industry

Relevant insights always remain valuable though numerous updates are introduced in Google algorithm. Reverse engineering of competitor keyword strategy and URL mapping forms an important part of keyword research procedure. Tools can be used in order to get an insight into keywords that bring in rank for your competitors. While undertaking keyword research for particular department or URL, analysis of keywords at URL level can turn out to be somewhat critical. Traditional keyword research tools though face a tough competition from the more recent tools, they have not become completely irrelevant now.

Organic search is an industry that is undergoing changes continually. However, it is still one of the best methods that help in procuring consumers online. Keyword research has always been and undoubtedly, will remain the most critical component when it comes to SEO process. Enumerate business impact, count on mobile, observe the social platforms and always take up necessary steps that will help you to remain relevant in the industry. Try to incorporate these formulas into your keyword research procedure and position SEO campaigns for a more unrelenting achievement.

Author Bio: Pankaj Roy is an experienced content developer and has worked with a number of renowned SEO Services Company. Working with a firm dealing with SEO services in London for years, he has accumulated knowledge on different aspects of search engine optimisation. In this write up, he attempts to throw light on the keyword research procedures about to win prominence in next year.

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