There is a flurry in CMS web development and this is happening for credible reasons. The advent of CMS Apps has made things easier for both the web users and developers. Web development can resort to various options for making stunning websites but the main benefit of using a CMS app is low production cost and unmatched customization options. There are a lot of third party add-ons and extensions available for the CMS apps like Drupal and Joomla. These apps are widely used by the web developers. However, they can also try other lesser known CMS apps that are very capable. One such instance is Vivvo CMS which is a feature rich and versatile CMS web development solution.

This CMS tool is intuitive and does not have a steep learning curve. This is nice for those who are taking baby steps in CMS development. As a matter of fact, Vivvo CMS is ideal for creating those websites where content writing plays a pivotal part. It is better suited for making online magazines, news portals and similar websites. The software comes equipped with the provisions for creating elements like news feeds, scrolling headers, comment and subscription tools and so on. It also comes with a useful article-creation module. It enables the developers in creating meta keywords and search-engine-friendly URLs. These features cut down the site setting up and maintenance time significantly.

The CMS developers who want a workspace that offers them plenty of tweaking options and customization will like this app for sure. The Vivvo CMS dashboard offers detailed information on article status. There are modules for layout, files, categories and content. The widgets can be accessed with the layout module. Developers can also install third party plug-ins.

The central module of this CMS is the article-creation tool, named content module.  This app allows the developers to view the content in HTML mode. A lot of people nowadays access web through their mobile devices. The CMS app has provisions for the mobile web users. This is not something you can find in every CMS app.

Vivvo CMS offers decent management choices like template management, asset management, clipboard and trash bin. Generating search engine friendly URL with the tool is quite simple. Even the first time users can figure this out with a few clicks. There are a few paid management tools like content scheduling and advertising management. These are meant for the advanced users. Its own banner manager however is quite capable for the developers. The veteran developers will appreciate that fact this CMS app supports Google Analytics integration. Besides, the app also offers the option of Google XML sitemap creation, automatically.

Vivvo CMS is not aimed at ecommerce website development and hence its security features are not that impressive. However, it does support SSL certificates and offers decent content access control features. Setting permission level with this app is easy for the developers. The Help section in the Vivvo website is excellent and there are plenty of resources as well.

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