Digital PR is constantly searching for new and innovative platforms to communicate through. It has been two weeks since Google introduced it’s own social network – a move that has been long anticipated in the media world. Questions about it’s future are rarely asked without comparison to its rival, Facebook.

It has now been trialed and tested with the key features of Google Plus including:

Google+ Hangouts: This allows groups of up to 10 people to video chat simultaneously – challenging Facebook’s new partnership with Skype.

Google+ Circles: Allows you to create groups of friends, making the friend list a lot more organised then that found in Twitter and Facebook.


Google+ Stream: This is the same concept as the Facebook news feed.

Google+ Photos: Essentially the same as Facebook’s photos except for the fact that it has a photo editor. The photo editor is an application that may give it the edge over its competitors.

A pressing question that lingers is whether Google + will influence the future of digital PR.  They‘ve had the opportunity to learn their rival’s strengths and combine all these USPs in to one, easy to use social network. The introduction of Google business will also be a critical influencer. It will create a synchronised relationship between business, brand and audience. Google + currently has a wealth of positive reviews, with transferring friends from Facebook made simple. It is inevitable that their users are going to increase notably in the coming months.


However, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with and their 750 million users are unlikely to disengage over night. The question is, will there be room for both in the world of social networking?

David Rushkoff makes a valid point emphasising that Facebook didn’t ‘win’ against Myspace but ‘Myspace won first and Facebook won next’ and sites will continue to go down in the same order. Whether or not Google + is going to be the next winner Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t going down without a fight, saying in a recent conference, “The driving narrative for the next 5 years isn’t going to be about winning the world, but about what you can build on top of the social infrastructure”.

As for the future of digital PR, it is important to stay one step ahead. Ensuring that if the public moves towards new communication platforms, you are there already waiting.

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