Web DesignWhile social media marketing has become overly popular, this is no reason to neglect your own website design. Your website can be much more than just a location to find out about your business, it should be the place to do business. Online marketing brings them to your website, and your site is the place where they do business. You see this with online shopping, but that is not the limit of web-based applications. Facebook is doing a lot behind the scenes. It is collecting a lot of data and it will make a lot of money because of the huge user database. Your online banking is actually an online application at work with you everyday.

Sharing and security

Client-server systems are popular because they focus your data in a single location, and therefore, keeping it more secure. With a well-developed site, you are providing a web-based client-server solution to your staff, your customers and your suppliers. Your site is more than marketing; it is a safe solution for your business interaction.

Provide solutions

Your site becomes the place where people do business for you. For example, you might have a Windows terminal emulator built into your site. This can allow your suppliers to access your database in a way that you want. You are providing the software for your clients and suppliers to interact with you. Your website is your total solution for business interaction.


By using your website as the point of interaction, anyone can deal with you at anytime. The world of business has gone mobile, and that is not limited to your consumers. Your staff can be communicating with your company and doing their job while they are on the move. Your site could allow your staff to take their workstation with them.

Reduce capital costs

Have you thought about the size of your office? Is it costing you a lot of money each month? How necessary is it for you to have all those people working in your office? Could they be working in remote locations doing the same job, more efficiently, and cheaper for you?

Reduce your IT costs

The introduction of Windows 8 will change the way we use applications and networks. The operating system will work on all devices and HTML5/Javascript (language of the Internet) will work natively on the operating system. What this means is that most of the new applications available for Windows will be those made from those languages. This will result in a huge change in application development. Business applications and more will all be produced in the language of the Internet, not just communicate through it. You will be able to focus your IT costs on your site and your web-based applications, and therefore, greatly reducing your IT costs.
Social media has highlighted the power of the Internet. It has re-ignited interest in web marketing. Now you have that interest back, it is time to think about smart-site web design. Are you being left behind?

Article written by Tom Mallet,an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including social media.

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