Video is the ruling party of Internet searches. People want images, charts, drawings, pictures and especially videos. Because the human attention span has withered alarmingly over the years due to lightning speed content, grabbing a visitor with a video is essential. The chance of someone opening your video post is 11,000 to 1. This may seem like a lot until you compare it with the chances of someone opening your web text post which comes in at approximately 500,000 to 1. Therefore, including YouTube videos in your blog posts, even if they aren’t yours rings true to be a savvy move in generating traffic your way.

It’s Easy: Just Cut and Paste

Locate the embed box along the bottom of the YouTube video you want to post. Copy the embedded code and paste it into your webpage and you are done. For WordPress, locate the TinyMCE editor that comes with it. Turn off the editor for the post you are creating and paste the YouTube code into the post.


Searching for keywords that pertain to your blog posts will often result in some heavy competition. Everyone is an expert when it comes to written content even though few can actually back up their claims/opinions. The important thing to remember is that action speaks louder than words and this is where video plays a key role. Another advantage of including YouTube videos in your blog posts is that most of your competition will not include any visuals let alone a video and that will hopefully drive visitors to you. Remember, they will press and watch before they read.

Video Greeting

Do not be afraid to make your own well produced videos. A video greeting personalizes your page and gives your visitor a chance to connect with who it is that is writing this content.

Good Visual and Auditory Content

If a visitor has a millisecond of their time to offer you, then you better post fast-loading, short, eye-catching videos. Finding good visuals that pop and dazzle will have them sharing and returning and keeping you in business. If your blog post requires talking head or lecture videos, make sure they are at least well lit and well heard. Do not post videos just to post videos. If you offer good visual and auditory content visitors are bound to grow.

They Will Read Too

Once a visitor is hooked by your video they will then be more apt to read your hard labored text content. Soon, they may even read before they watch.


If you want to attract the most important demographic of young users, then related YouTube videos are vital. Teens, twenty and thirty year olds have grown up with instant visual gratification and they make up a huge market. Once videos enhance your blog it may very well be embraced by this audience with advertisers not far behind.

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