Alt vs Title for SEO

I am always confused on whether to use <alt> attribute or <title> tag when adding images to my content. I made a research on this issue and here is what I come up with at the end.

Effects of <alt> attribute for SEO

The main purpose of using <alt> is making your content accessible. It enhance your website’s accessibility such as if some one is using a screen reader, can’t load the image for some reason, the browser will show the alternative text giving them a better user experience. The more accessible a website is the more likely it will rank in SERP’s. Using <alt> attribute for images will help search engines to understand what your images are all about and rank your images in the image search result pages such  as Google image and blended search result pages. It is said that Google even use alt attributes as descriptions of images in Google Image so this is a proof <alt> attribute’s success at Google’s end.

Using <alt> tag is simple. Normally, when you add the above image  in to your content, the HTML code looks like this:

<img  src=””>

This is not enough to tell SE’s what the image is about. It is a better practice to apply <alt> tag like:

<img src=”” alt=”SEO Strategy, Site Analysis, SEO Recommendation, Link Building, Directory Submission”>

Remember not to do any keyword stuffing and don’t use more than 7-10 keywords in your alt tags otherwise it may be perceived as spamming.

Effects of <title> tags for SEO

Title tags gives additional information about the links ,telling users where they will be linked if they click on the link with a description display. They are also useful in some browsers who doesn’t support <alt> attribute. Search engines doesn’t give weight on title tags in terms of ranking but we all know search engines rank user friendly websites so using <title> tags are helpful for your SEO at the end.

Using title tags is pretty much the same as alt example above, just insert title instead of alt:

<img src=””title=”SEO Strategy, Site Analysis, SEO Recommendation, Link Building, Directory Submission”>

I  finally decided to use both of them just to make sure my content is accessible with all browsers and optimized.

What is your opinion about <alt> attribute and <title> tag?  Do you think any of them makes more sense in terms on SEO?


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