10 Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Website

When you hear the word promotion, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Promotion is a word to describe a marketing activity with the objective of informing, influencing, and persuading people to make a repeat business (for former clients) or make purchasing decisions (for new clients). Once you create a website, it definitely makes sense if you exert more effort in promoting it. Here are the 10 ways to promote your eCommerce Website.

 Email Campaigns

Build a list of emails and send a promotional email to invite everyone to have a look at your eCommerce Website. You may want to give away little freebies and prizes too.

 Press Releases

Writing or having people to write a Press Release for you is one of the best things you can do to promote your website. Press Releases are distributed to your chosen media list or to journalists.

 Google Plus Pages for Businesses

Initially, business websites and brands were not allowed to use Google Plus. But now, the long wait is over. Google has finally released its Google Plus Pages where businesses, brands, and companies are very much welcome to put up pages from Google Plus. When you are building a Google Plus page for local business, you actually can add your phone number and other information related to your business. You can add contacts, share photos, links, videos, and everything promotional to your page.

 Google Places

The best thing about Google Places is that you can enlist your business name (website, address, phone number, and all your contact information) inside Google Places directory just like the traditional phone directory—for free. You can also use this service in offering coupons, discounts for a period of time (a week, for the whole month, etc).


You can create a Facebook fan page for your website and start building a circle of influences around your fan page. You may place your link in your profile and promote your products and services in your own wall.


Twitter is a mini blogging service which allows you to send promotional tweets in 140 characters. You can search for Twitter users who ask about things related to your product or services and comment on them. Follow these users and all those related to your website and build your own little community. Tweet about trends, topics, and articles involving your business or your niche and spark up conversations. You may also place your website links as tweets and be able to promote your own products and services.

 Write Compelling Content and Submit them

Write a blog or an article and submit it to different article submission sites, e-magazines, and as well as other blogs (as guest posts) and be able to reach a wider range of audiences. Although you cannot always self promote, at least you can leave a link or to going to your website that adds a good number of relevant traffic.

 Participate in Forums

Use Google search to be able to land on forums that are related to your website. You may be able to encounter forum members who ask about your product, anything related to your products and services, and then answer their queries. It does not only help you promote your website but as well as build good amount of backlinks.

 Comment on related blogs

Just as what you can do in forums, you can search for blogs related to your website and participate to the discussions at the end of each article. Some blogs are KeywordLuv activated which will allow you to place your “[email protected]” which will allow you to get backlinks and as well as traffic.

 Bid for keywords in PPC

Using PPC services such as Google Adwords will require you some time for research and countless trials and errors. Once you are done bidding for the keywords you want, your website will be placed on top of the SERPs which is more visible and will most likely to get the number of clicks.

These 10 promotional strategies, when done correctly and alltogether, will surely hike up your number of relevant traffic which eventually converts into sale.