WordPress is a wonderful platform for blogging and it can also be used as a CMS solution for a professional company website by just some clever adjustments. Optimizing WordPress for better search engine rankings is easy and there are several plugins ready to use on your optimization process. Here areContinue Reading


When you hear the word promotion, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Promotion is a word to describe a marketing activity with the objective of informing, influencing, and persuading people to make a repeat business (for former clients) or make purchasing decisions (for new clients). OnceContinue Reading


If you would like to have your own website but don’t want to deal with any of the technical hassles involved, you should consider using a good web host to get your site up and running. A web host acts as a server which allows a website owner to broadcastContinue Reading


There is no need emphasizing the importance of SEO for any company that is looking forward to promote their business and earn revenue online. Now the big question is either you should hire a SEM Agency or set up an in-house SEO team to achieve desired results on the search engine result pages. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both to make up our minds…Continue Reading


Imagine the excitement when the internet was first created. Al Gore..err Tim Berners-Lee would be rolling over in his grave (he’s actually still alive) if he knew the additional game he opened up – online marketing. Ralph Waldo Emerson eloquently stated “Hitch your wagon to a star”, and that’s what we are doing. Google is the singular dominate gatekeeper to the internet, and therefore they are in large part the internet – do you hitch your wagon to Yahoo? Didn’t think so.Continue Reading