Google’s Panda Update: Is this going to affect the SEO firms?

Search engine giant Google had launched its new Panda update in February, 2011, and this has stirred a great deal of debate within the search community. A large number of high profile websites across the internet are starting to feel the impact of this change. This particular Panda update is nothing but a slight change to the way in which Google indexes web pages. Google is constantly tweaking and reviewing its algorithm but this particular change has caused some big changes in the way in which websites will be ranked in search engine results. Most website owners implement search engine optimization techniques in order to boost the visibility of the website. Here are some major implications of this Panda update of Google.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content has always remained in Google’s radar. But since the new update has been brought into effect, the need to avoid duplicate and copied content is all the more. Though, it is true that a few copied words here and there won’t affect much but if you have a large e-commerce website that has hundreds of pages, you may find your search engine rankings have suddenly dropped. Do the needful to avoid the duplicates and secure a higher search engine rank. If your website entirely depends on borrowed content, you must be more careful about the uniqueness of the content that you receive from the clients.

The advertisements

Post Panda update, you need to make some required changes if your website has too many advertisements. After this recent update, Google will strictly disregard all the pages that have abundance of advertisement blocks on them. So, if you fall into this aforementioned category, you can either boost the quality of content in your website so that there is a higher ratio of content to advertisements or just reduce the number of ads in your page.

On-site SEO strategies that are PR led

The Panda update has impacted a large number of article and link sites as the link placement within these websites is considered to be too easy to achieve. Due to this, the companies can also reinforce their search activity with a better emphasis on on-site or PR-led SEO strategies. The most valuable links are those that come from reputable online blogs and other publication websites.

Increased importance of SEO strategies

Many online marketers who thought they had a perfect search engine optimization strategy are finding their rankings to be shifted as a result of the Panda update. If you’re a business firm with a bigger marketing budget, you must consult an SEO specialist who may advise you on the best course of action that can yield better profits.

The Google’s Panda updates have not been designed to punish the content on the demand websites. Instead, the new algorithm forces the websites to give more importance to quality than quantity. Google has attempted to remove all the web pages that had poorly written content and Panda is going to make it well-nigh impossible for low quality websites to rank high in search engine rankings.

About the author: This Guest article is contributed by R.smith who is a professional writer-webmaster. Apart from SEO-internet marketing oriented articles, she also wrote some travel, home rental, home improvement related articles in different websites.