Google’s Twitter Acqusition v.s. Independant Twitter

Twitter’s speculations spread for it’s partnership possibilities with internet companies like Google, Microsoft, the News Corporation and NBC Universal as TechCrunch claimed Google is looking forward to acquire Twitter in the beginning of April. Since then Twitter, the most popular social microblogging site gained more attention.

According to the Newyork Times, Fred Wilson ( the Union Square Ventures partner who was an early investor in Twitter, the microblogging start-up, and is on its board ) says:

“There are lots of conversations going on and Twitter is struggling to figure out what to do with whom, when and how,”

There are currently only 30 people on board in Twitter and Twitter is currently recruiting for the director of strategic partnerships position that is advertised as “the first business development role in our mostly product- and engineering-oriented company.”  Twitter’s database and search capabilities of real-time updates would make this an attractive offer for Google.

Twitter turned down an acquisition deal from Facebook last fall for $500 million of its stock and hopefully Twitter is not going to sell it’s soul this time too. I love Google but I believe there should be competition instead of monopolism. Twitter want to be independant and continue their story with their own initiative.

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