Importance of Press Releases in Online Marketing

In today’s competitive economy, companies should be proactive and interacting with their customers from different platforms in order to improve their publicity. Press releases is a great way to draw attention to your website and improve your search engine optimization. It is increasing publicity of your website through various on-web (relevant press release websites) and off-web channels (to newspapers and members of the media) by getting the word out regarding a new product or service your company is providing.

In return, people will follow links on your press releases, come to your website and link in to your content. Those one-way links will improve your website’s search engine rankings and bring exposure from various websites.

Before you start writing a press release, there are several issues you should pay attention to in order to bring success and prevent wasting your time and efforts.

1. Have a press releases section on your own website and publish press releases regularly.

2. Create a press releases publishing list for your company and update your list regularly. In the beginning, keep your list as long as you can. Once you create your content and happy with it, publish it on all of those channels. Monitor your success from some analytics tools and refine which channels work for your market. It will help you to focus on those converting channels later instead of wasting time for all.

3. Press releases should have eye-catching, distinguishing headlines so they will draw attention from hundreds of other published content. Make sure it will generate some curiosity over your audience to read your content.

4. The copy should include relevant keywords to attack search engines attention but avoid keyword stuffing. Put your self in to your customer’s shoes and think which keywords they would be using for search when they want to purchase your relevant products. Use those keywords carefully and build links from those relevant keywords to your websites relevant pages. If it is allowed, use relevant titles in your anchor texts.

5. Press releases should have be newsworthy and informative. You should be giving something of their interest to your audience so they would follow your links to your website. Always avoid using an advertising language.

6. Copywriting is very important in terms of press releases. Use correct grammer, spelling and make sure your press release looks professional.

If you have audience from several countries, make your press releases available in those languages as well. Have some to proof read them if possible before it is published.

7. If you have already promoted your website by bookmarking and social networking, do the same tasks for your published press releases as well.

8. Give links from your press releases to important relevant websites as well. Make sure those are not your competitors and you would be happy to have links coming through to your website from those sources.