Internet Marketing in Turkey: SEO and PPC

Today, I will give you a brief summary of my presentation about search marketing in Turkey. Hopefully it will give you some insights and projections for the coming years.

Internet is evolving and marketing on the internet is growing rapidly day by day. In a developing country like Turkey, the market is very new and open for development and know-how.

Most internet specialists have limited experience in terms of SEO, PPC and Affiliate marketing in comparison to developed countries in Europe and USA and they put the same type of issues on the table such as the difficulties of explaining their clients the benefits of SEO or PPC and evoke awareness of the opportunities on the internet when it comes to drawbacks of doing business.

Hovewer some agencies take the advantages of this illeteracy and concentrate on unethical practices such as offering PPC campaigns with uncertain pricing, hiding their service fees and cheating their clients. In terms of SEO, those type of agencies do nothing more than some black hat link building and mess up the client’s rankings in the long run.

There are a few Google Adwords Professional Companies and Individuals. The numbers are expected to increase soon as the projections of spend on internet marketing for 2010 is $200M, means 400% increase compared to today’s figures.

Today, in terms of pricing, SEO service costs will depend on the web site’s size but say approximately starting from £150  for a web site of 10 pages. Most companies charge only once and they don’t get a good deal in terms of monthly contract.

Outsourcing SEO and PPC services from Turkey can be a good deal as Turkish Lira is weak against Sterlin, Euro, Dollar.  There are enthusiastic specialists looking forwards to gain experience in foreign markets. I believe internet marketing will be one of the major marketing mediums in Turkey soon. People love internet, they love social networking and shopping on the internet. Ebay have seen online sale opportunities and acquired “” in 2007.

If you have any questions or enquiries about internet marketing services in Turkey please get in touch with me. I would be more than happy to help.


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