Make Your Own Social Bookmarking Website: Pligg

I don’t know if you already know this or not but you can set up your own social bookmarking website for free by using Pligg CMS Solutions!
About a year ago, I started a Turkish website called Linkopedi where I was intending to give links for social bookmarking websites and easing link building process for my visitors. After some time, I saw my users were eager to send their website data and asking me to publish them on this website. As a very curious person, I really love experimenting new things so I said why not and added a directory folder under my website and started building links for my visitors; it was very risky I accept but at the end of the day my visitors were happy and it was increasing my traffic as well.

Recently, I came across to Pligg and I am so happy to announce that my Linkopedi finally became a social bookmarking website where people can submit their stories, save their favourite websites, vote on other’s stories, create groups, discuss anything they want and communicate with each other by the help of this free CMS. I am still in process of translating the CMS but the main features are working in Turkish so the website is alive!

I just started experimenting Search Engine Optimization for Pligg and write about my suggestions for other Pligg users in the future.

I would love to hear from you if you could check out Linkopedi to see how Pligg works and send me your comments!

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