More Traffic, Revenue and Value by SEO

Anyone who has a website or a blog can make money from these assets by letting ad spaces to advertisers online or joining to affiliate partner networks. But owning a website is not enough by it’s own, there should be a good traffic coming to your website and you should prove your statistics to your advertisers in order to request an advertising fee unless you own a very well-known website with a high page rank etc. If you join to an affiliated network then you should have a good traffic to see leads and convertions.

I’ve just found out that there is a WordPress plugin which shows your Google statictics as unique number of visitors called Google Analyticator. I guess there are several other tools free to use but what if you are not happy with your number of visitors?

Improve your website traffic with SEO

The best thing to do is increasing your natural traffic by Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a great way to drive visitors from search engines, increase the value of your website in figures and to generate sales and income through your website. Stick on on-page SEO practices for the beginning and once you are happy with it, go for off-page SEO tactics like link building and spend at least an hour everyday by visiting forums, micro-blogging sites and relevant websites to improve your visibility. It is not the most joyful thing to do but it is fruitful at the end.

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