Revitalizing Under-Performing Landing Pages The Old-Fashioned Way

Even with the popularity of social media, do not count email marketing out which, by the way, often makes use of landing pages. Everybody wants higher conversions for their landing pages, and if you are no different then you will want to read this article.

As with all your site pages, your landing page should never be a heavy file. Also remember your visitors will not necessarily have fast computers, so that has to be taken into consideration. Your visitors shouldn’t have to wait more than 2-3 seconds to see the page on their screen. If you need to make it faster, then look at how many images you have and trim it down. There is really no excuse ever for this remaining a problem once you are aware of it, so you know what to do. The kind of font size you use on your landing page plays a major role in your conversions because if your visitors are going to have a hard time understanding and reading your copy, then it’s obvious that it will take a lot more effort to actually convince them to buy or opt-in, right? Take some cues from your audience, and if they happen to include older people, then using a small font will really be a bad way to go. If you think there may be some issues for the reader, then err on the side of caution. Granted, your font may not be a total conversion killer unless it is so way out there that it is crazy.

While you obviously don’t want the copy to be focused on you, you should try to include a photograph of yourself on the landing page to make it more believable. It should not hurt your conversions to do this, but it may help them if you do. If you work with others in your business, then consider adding a photo of all of you together – or test it. There should not be a lot of hassle or aggravation with getting this underway, and it is simple to test your results.

Making your landing pages perform killer magic requires you to be patient – and test, always test and make revisions.