1. What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving one's website’s rankings on search engine result pages by many onsite and offsite efforts. It aims to increase the quantity of the organic traffic by aligning the websites with search engine's guidelines and gaining link popularity from reputable sources.
    The main objective of a SEO campaign is to increase the visibility of a website on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex…) when a potential customer performs a search about products or services.

  2. Would SEO work for my site?

    All SEO efforts would pay-off in the long-term as long as they are consistent, organically applied by humans, unautomated and lack of black-hat techniques.

  3. How does SEO drive traffic to my website?

    Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tool that allows your website to rank at the top when your services or products are searched in search engines. The higher your site ranks in the search results, the more users click on your website so the higher revenue you generate through your website. It's like having a flashy shop open 24/7 in a crowded street. By SEO, you can surpass your competitors on the internet and reach your customers through your most accessible and remarkable online shop.

  4. What is local SEO?

    Local SEO is the process increasing the visibility of a website in a geographical region. Your potential customers who are in your service area find you in the top of search engine result pages by local SEO efforts. High local rankings can only be achieved through a properly planned local SEO strategy.

  5. How much does SEO cost?

    There is no fixed-price for SEO services. Before giving a realistic SEO quote, every business need to be assessed according to it's size, sector, competitors and it's special needs must also be addressed. For example: if it is a global brand, the website should be multi-lingual. However, a local small shop owner might only need a website with it's local language. Therefore, it is not possible to implement a standard SEO price policy for every client. The numbers in our SEO packages represent our starting prices. We give our final offer after understanding our clients wants and needs.

  6. How long until Seo takes effect?

    In general speaking, most SEO experts agree that websites can see the results of SEO work in 4 to 6 months. However, the success time frame highly depends on many factors such as the competition. In highly competitive industries, it may take a little more time vice versa.

  7. How Long Does SEO Effect?

    The impact of SEO varies according to the competition rate in the sector and of course the quality of the work done. One of the most important features that makes SEO superior to other digital marketing tools is the long-term results of the studies. If you stop working after coming to a certain place in the first months, the effect may last for a few months or even a few years compared to the competition. Therefore, as we always repeat, the budget you spend on search engine optimization is a valuable investment that will benefit you day by day rather than an expense.

  8. Is Search Engine Optimization Essential for My Business?

    Today's consumers live fast and shop very often. They like to be independent of time and space while shopping. In order to survive, businesses have to keep up with technology and the changes it brings with it. If you don't invest in your online identity today, tomorrow you will be lagging behind your competitors and even new and small businesses that you don't even think might be your competitors. Your reputation on the internet is based on online work rather than offline success. We will help you from A to Z at this stage. Don't think we've forgotten to answer the question while we explain the subject. Our answer is yes, search engine optimization is essential for every business that wants to grow ahead of its competitors.

  9. How Long Should You Purchase Search Engine Optimization Service?

    The search engine optimization service is planned to be at least 6 months work. Positive effects are seen within first 3 months after we start working. Although it varies according to sectoral competition; most of our customers continue to work with us because of the continuity of the value we create after search engine optimization and their unwillingness to fall behind their competitors.

  10. What is the Difference of SEO from Google Ads (Adwords)?

    SEO's differences from Google Ads can be listed as follows:
    With SEO, you pay a monthly search engine optimization service fee for your website to get a permanent place in the search engines and to move to the top rankings. As a result of your efforts, your website will be built in accordance with the principles of search engines and your site will gain its online reputation. Even if you take a break after receiving search engine optimization service for a certain period of time, thanks to the online reputation provided, your site will continue to be seen in the rankings in search engines for a long time. For this reason, SEO is the most useful digital marketing tool that you can invest for your business nowadays without exception.
    Google Ads (formerly Adwords) will show your ads to potential customers who search on Google with the keywords you choose. Your budget for Google Ads is spent on the cost of a click whenever someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads is another highly measurable, digital marketing tool that hits the target from 12. Unlike SEO, however, you'll appear as a sponsored link in search engines during your advertising campaign in Google Ads. Your visibility will disappear from the minute you stop the campaign.

  11. Should I Get SEO Service or Google Ads Service?

    If you want to be instantly visible in search engines and persistence is not important to you, Google Ads allows you to meet your potential customers instantly on any keywords.
    If you are aiming for long-term success in the web environment, you should definitely get SEO services. SEO services do not respond instantly like Google Ads but the results become permanent. The best decision would be to get a Google Ads campaign in addition when you start SEO service. Thus, while creating your online presence with SEO on the one hand, thanks to Google Ads, you meet with your customers immediately.

  12. Will Search Engine Optimization Damage My Website?

    If you work with the right people; No, it won't. The Search Engine Optimization service must be obtained from experts who perform this work within the framework of ethical rules, conduct organic studies, prepare original content, know the principles of search engines and provide services based on these principles. People who quote cheap prices to attract customers and provide SEO services with under the counter techniques like spam, hacklink, bad link, copy content or links from poor quality sites permanently damage your website rather than benefit.

  13. Can SEO Services be Available in Different Languages Simultaneously?

    Yes, language-specific SEO work is possible. As Future Searches, we only provide SEO services in Turkish and English languages.

  14. Why Work with Us?

    Because since 2009, we have managed many successful SEO (search engine optimization), Google Adsense (Adwords), Social Media Management, Content Marketing campaigns both in Turkey and in England.
    We never use unnatural search engine optimization techniques. We provide SEO services with completely natural, manual, non-automated and spam-free techniques.
    We offer a boutique and 24/7 accessible service concept, unlike large and cumbersome digital agencies.
    We never promise page 1 to our customers just to attract them, but we take them to page 1 with the right strategies. We provide continuous exchange of information with our customers both face-to-face and via telephone and web.
    We do not work with more than one customer in the same sector and in the same location, who are close competitors.
    We believe in lifelong learning. We follow the sectoral innovations all over the world and constantly revise our business plans and ways of doing business.
    We work hard to achieve success and with success to achieve customer loyalty. At the end of the day, we make lasting friendships with our happy customers.
    So we briefly offer world class and friendly SEO services.

  15. How Can I Get SEO Services?

    For your search engine optimization (SEO) service requests, please call us at +90 544 975 0544 between 09:00 – 18:00 local time in Turkey on weekdays or send us your request at info@futuresearches.com