Social Media – How Would It Impact The Future Of Paid And Non Paid Search Optimization Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has definitely come a long way from where it started almost two decade ago. All through its journey, it has helped evolve internet marketing a great deal. It has rightfully catered the online promotional woes of millions of online businesses all through its evolutional journey.

Taking birth in early 1990s, SEO has reached to a level never anticipated, even by the minds highly optimistic about the capabilities and prospects of SEO at the time of its inception and soon after. Search engines were a matter of norm even before that time, but it was during early 1990s that some wise online businessmen realized how effectively their responses boosted with their search engine ranks getting higher.

Thus, under the influence of getting their search results improved, people at that time sought after different tools and tricks, and this set the foundation of a domain that we know as Search Engine Optimization today. It has become so significant to overall web scenario that web gurus regard it as oxygen supply to online trading.

The Contribution Of Individuals As Well As Setups

Initially, it flourished as a result of dedicated efforts of individual enthusiasts who found this new technique of the day not only interesting, but highly profitable as well. However, soon it developed way too far as a distinct discipline and handling it individually simply became almost impossible for individuals.

This gave rise to the concept of SEO services company, an entity entirely dedicated to take care of matters relating to search engine optimization, equipped with all the hardware, software, and human resources needed to cater all the aspects of SEO effectively.

Not only was the contribution of SEO enthusiasts fueling the evolution of SEO, but it was the development in search engines as well, boosting this amazingly effective partnership for improved SEO outcomes.

The Contribution Of Search Engines

Among all search engines, it was Google that really came victorious in this fierce battle of existence and prosperity. Quite obviously, with the passage of time, people were improving in their knowledge about search engines as well as SEO. It had two different types of effects on this collaborative evolutional journey of search engines as well as search engine optimization.

It encouraged a group of people driven by highly positive conviction about the legitimate benefits of SEO, sharpening their skills. On the other hand, it also served as a cause of formation of some rogue minded people who had no respect of legitimacy of the tools and tricks they used while looking to top their way to SERP rankings.

That made it quite essential for search engines to cope up with rogue elements, introducing periodic changes to their ranking algorithms. This was not the only development being made. On its way, SEO was aided by various different technological advancements as well, the most influential and effective of which happens to be the introduction of social media into mainstream SEO.

Social Media And Its Impacts

Social media served as a platform highly likeable and effective that encouraged mutual interaction between the web surfers as well as online business owners looking to optimize their search rankings. The true impact of social media on SEO as a discipline is yet to be scaled, as it is quite a new change. However, there are a few aspects that have been identified for sure. Some of them are listed below.

  • According to Harris Interactive, in its issue of June 2010, people when asked about what sources influenced their decisions of using or not using a particular product, service, brand, or company, 71% of them claimed product reviews from their friends and family impacted their decision power “great deal” or to an extent of “fair amount”
  • Furthermore, E-consultancy (July 2009) revealed according to their survey(s) that a highly dominant majority of people (as high as 90%) trust recommendations only from the people they know. While the percentage of people who consider the opinions of strangers trustworthy enough accounts to 70%
  • Another research conducted by ROI Research for Performance indicated back in June 2010 that 53% of people on Twitter were in a habit of recommending products/services or companies in their Tweets, with 48% of them accounting to those who intent to actually buy/use the product

Interestingly enough, social media not only impacts organic search results, but it also has the potential to affect the results of PPC Management campaigns (Pay-per-Click). All these facts account to one thing, those who want to survive and prosper in contemporary online marketing world, got to truly realize and utilize the potentials of social media.