Twitter Search and Trending Topics

I love Twitter and tweeting. Some good things about Twitter are: you don’t need to be a celebrity or anything special to contact with people that you always wanted to, you just say your words to everyone all over the world and people pick you up if they think that you are like-minded or they have an interest in your topics, products etc. It keeps you up-to-date with any topic you choose, helps you extending your network .

Twitter recently added 2 new features to it’s structure. Twitter search and trending topics. Both are in my opinion a must-to-have and will keep more users online.

Twitter search is enabling users to search across global tweets from all around the world, build a fresh timeline of updates based on a keyword or phrase.

Users have the functionality to save their favourite search terms by pressing “save this search” button. Those search terms will be displayed as a link under their search box so they only need to click on the link to execute results.

Another new feature is Search Trends, Trending Topics which displays real-time top-ten tweet topics.  Giving an insight to what people are searching for. Very helpful if you are looking forward to catch-up with real-time trends. Current top trends while I am writing this post is “Happy May Day” and “Swine Flu”.

Wash your hand often, see a doctor if you feel like you have any syptoms and have a very happy May Day!

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